What are the most frequent breakdowns on a car ?

Having a car is very useful especially for our different travel needs. But like any electromechanical apparatus, it is called to experience breakdowns. Among the latter, there are many recurring ones. We give you an update on some of the most common car failures.

Failures from the car battery

The problem often posed by the battery remains the lack of charge leading to inefficiency of the starter and alternator. Have left one or more of the energy-intensive elements such as ventilation, de-icer, radio, seat heating or even headlights can cause battery malfunction. So you will have to turn them all off and try to start the car again. Also, winter is not to the advantage of batteries that are often weak enough in this period to power the engine. Battery failures are almost universal. Indeed, a battery has an average life of five or six years. So think of a battery change if startup difficulties become too frequent.

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Alternator-related failures

After a time of use, it happens that the alternator belt wears out, thus preventing the operation of the alternator and by ricochet all the elements attached to it. You can predict this problem from the noises Abnormal can emanate from the hood of your car and proceed to change the belt as quickly as possible.

Problems with ignition and engine electricity

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It is very common to want to start your car, but without the power. This failure can come from spark plugs that no longer provide enough spark to produce the combustion mixture in the engine. It may also be the ignition coil that can no longer play its role. Consult an automobile electrician to win the case.

Braking difficulties

Braking problems are also common. They often come from wear of brake discs and pads. You just have to think about changing them as often as possible so as not be prone to accidents.

Failure of the cooling circuit

This breakdown is often encountered in the winter period. Lowering temperatures do not work well with coolants. Think of a mixture of water and antifreeze that you will find on the market to ensure engine protection and prevent corrosion.


Would it be fair to end up without mentioning the problems of carburization? Everybody knew it. You simply need to check your fuel level frequently to avoid failing down.

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