What are the disadvantages of reading?

Reading can be a fascinating hobby and enriching knowledge, but what is less known is that it also has disadvantages not to be neglected.

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Requires a minimum basic

While for some reading is a pleasure, for others things are a little more complicated, especially in poor countries. Access to education is not the same for all. Moreover, in France, there are many more illiterate people who do not know how to write or read, than you think. In order to enjoy reading, however, you need to have a certain basis in this matter.

It takes some imagination to enjoy reading

Let’s not be afraid of words, reading is boring. You need to know how to plan to enjoy it. Which is not the case for everyone.

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A waste of time

Reading requires investment important in terms of time. It’s not enough to do a quick reading to enjoy a good book. It is also necessary to understand each sentence and the course of the story.

Requires a lot of memory

By the time you reach the next chapter, you may have already forgotten the last one. This is an activity reserved for those who have a lot of memory only.

Reading pushes to isolation

Reading opens a window to another world. Enough to allow you to simply escape. Nevertheless, it can also be a drawback and size. You would be tempted to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

Reading is not always good for health — Photo by Eugene Kim (Creative Commons)

Unnecessary questioning

The purpose of reading is to gather information on a particular subject. And via this hobby, the thing is simple to do. However, this could lead to an unnecessary questioning of your personality and opinions. It must be said that books and various articles can distort reality.

Reading is no longer what it was

The true essence of reading is found in the pages and the smell of the cover. Now this is no longer the case. E-books have a certain push to desert libraries. Reading is no longer about disconnecting from the virtual world. And this computerization of books leads to another problem. The autonomy of high-tech devices is still to be questioned today. You could be interrupted in the middle of a plot.

Reading requires a large budget

Whether it’s renting books or buying one, buying it on the net or elsewhere, reading is nowadays an expensive activity. On average, a large reader invests a good hundred euros a year in search of the best novels. And again! we are talking about a second-hand book purchase.

Reading takes up too much space

Once you have finished reading a book, it will be necessary to store it. This can be problematic in an apartment of about twenty m2 and where we already lack space to live. However, some have found the parade to remedy this problem: book barter between reading enthusiasts.

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Picture by Sebastien Wiertz (CreativeCommons)

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