Video surveillance system: how to choose the right thing?

There are many factors that influence the choice of CCTV systems. The environment to monitor, the choice of the camera, the storage of images, the viewing are many parameters as important as each other. Here are the criteria for choosing your CCTV system.


Depending on the use you intend to make it, you can opt for several types of cameras. Today there are surveillance cameras of a digital type, as well as surveillance cameras of analog type. Since the digital model is much more current and interesting, we will advise 90%.

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In addition, there are cameras intended for indoor use, while cameras are also available for outdoor use. For the majority of them, these cameras have a beautiful ability to withstand temperature deviations, as well as moisture. It is also observed that some of them have the infrared functionality to compensate for brightness in the dark with a range of 15 to 80 meters.

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The quality of the captured image is also of great importance. Today, there are cameras operating in HD quality and others in Full HD such as Foscam brand cameras. So you should opt for video surveillance of this type.

Storage and viewing

Image storage can be carried out today with digital recorders, regardless of the type of camera. The choice of recording model will largely depend on the storage model, as well as the number of cameras. Apart from broadcasting and storage, recorders can be used to control the camera remotely, adjust their images, activate mobile cameras… And if it comes to a recorder digital, you will be able to have compressed images whose weight is reduced.

When it comes to viewing, it is possible to observe your images from any access. From a smartphone, a TV screen, a computer… These are practical enough solutions to lift doubt, for example when an alarm is triggered.

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