Travelling with a baby: the essentials in your toiletry bag

Visiting the world must remain a pleasure even when being a young parent. It is true that choosing what is necessary to care for your baby can sometimes be a puzzle.

Toiletry bag

What could be nicer than leaving with as little luggage as possible? In order to optimize the weight of your suitcases, it is essential to take only the essential for your child. Stomach aches, flu, sunburn, many are the worries that could harm your little globetrotter and at the same time spoil your holiday.

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There is no need to want to protect yourself from all possible cases that would occur during your stay, this would only result in an overload of your luggage. In case of force majeure, know that you will always have the opportunity to complete what you will be missing in pharmacies or local shops.

Especially prefer small travel sizes for baby toiletries such as organic liquid soap or moisturizer. Now, take the reflex to keep the samples you receive in advertising magazines, shops or at your pharmacist.

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The list of indispensable products for the baby toiletry bag inevitably includes:

  • contons stems babies
  • Saline tubes
  • a moisturizing cream
  • a toothbrush and tube of toothpaste
  • organic liquid soap
  • a washcloth and a mini bath
  • a baby comb and scissors with rounded tips
  • contons pads for exchange
  • diapers.

Focus on the pharmacy kit

Choosing a travel destination means exposing your child to various diseases, new climates or exotic foods. The strong heat of the sun in Reunion or the harsh winter in Canada can greatly alter your baby’s health. If your budding traveler is also a little daredevil in your soul, it will also be necessary to anticipate possible injuries or abrasions.

Several elements form the checklist for the ideal pharmacy kit, including:

  • Suppositories to treat benign bronchial infections and a baby fly (for colds with or without fever)
  • a thermometer and a vial of paracetamol with a pipette
  • rehydration bags to treat diarrhoea and a solution against diarrhea
  • bandages, compresses, eosin and saline for the treatment of wounds
  • a mosquito repellent, a mosquito net for cradle and stroller
  • a cream for treating insect bites
  • a 50 index sunscreen and any burn care product
  • a Bepanthen tube for the treatment of diaper rash during diaper change
  • a gel for tooth pain

All these precautions will give you the opportunity to give first aid to your child. Now you are ready to take your little adventurer to see the wonders of the world.

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