Top quality men’s costume brands

Having listed the long list of things you need to check if you want to buy a new suit, today we will focus on the last important point: brands. Because it is very nice to know at a glance (if I may say) whether the costume you have in your hands is mounted iron or semi-traditional, but if you can not afford to buy one or the other, no matter! This ultimate costume Monday will be interested in the different brands that offer costumes. This article highlights the price/quality correlation to guide you to the best product according to your budget. So we close our Suit Monday series with the costume brands to know. Hopefully this (almost) weekly appointment will be beneficial for you!

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Item Plan

  • Table of
  • materials

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  • 1. Ready-to-wear
      • A. Entry level (less than 400€)
      • AntoineBoy
      • Bexley
      • Champ de Bruce
      • Vachhhhund
      • B. middle class (between 400€ and 600€)
      • Boggi
      • Charles Tyrwhitt
      • Suitsupply
      • C. High-end (600€ and more)
      • Hackett
      • Paul Smith
      • Portillon
  • 2. The tailor-made
      • Artling
      • Blandin & Delloye
      • FaubourgSulpice
      • L’Apieceur
      • Samson
      • Scabal
      • Tailor Trucks
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Table of contents

1. Ready-to-wear. Entrance levelB. middle class (between 400€ and 600€) C. High-end (600€ and more) 2. The tailor-made

1. Ready-to-wear

Of course, the vast majority of us will turn to buy a suit. And as everyone knows, the ready-to-wear world is full of brands with different positioning and special attention to the random quality of products. As well as a suit of a brand is clearly never considered such by its competitor. To help you find yourself, we have selected the most relevant brands in three price segments: entry-level, middle class and high-end.

A. Entry level (less than €400)

And, of course, we start with the one that is accessible to all. Dominated by large chains, the entry-level level also offers less popular brands whose products combine quality and affordable price. Such a fast mode is not necessarily the only alternative to looking for low prices.


As mentioned in the introduction, the entry-level class dominates mainly large chains with almost infinite production capacity and low cost. However, there are companies in this segment that offer quality products. This is the case of Anthony Garçon, launched in 2005.The main advantage of the brand is undeniable to offer costumes exclusively from natural fibres (mainly wool) at competitive prices. The careful selection of fabrics, colours and patterns as well as the extensive cutting work give Anthony Boy a prominent place in this price range.

Who is she talking to? To everyone who willwe recommend? Of course, yes! want the best compromise between quality and price.

Find the complete collection on: Discover our Anthony Boy costume test


Bexley was added alittle more than 30 years ago from Iniativie by Eric Botton. Its idea is clear: reach the shoe market by positioning itself at the entry-level level and bringing a product at the best possible quality/price ratio. In the realization of street shoes, the brand offers a principle of decreasing price. The feet are then simple, made of pretty good leather and stitched in Blake and Goodyear. 15 years later and some success Bexley started with shirts as the first piece. By the same principle as shoes, shoes develop in a formal style. Recently, the brand has expanded its range with its very first costume.

Who is she talking to? For those looking for classic office suits. willwe recommend? Very interesting quality/price ratio.

The /

Find the complete collection on: Discover our Bexley costume test

Field of Bruce

If you are a little interested in costumes, the name Bruce Field is certainly not unknown to you. Launched in 1978 by Richard Layani, the brand is known mainly for part of its collection in France. Bruce Field is aimed at CSP people and has evolved over the years to meet the demands of the market, expanding its wardrobe. To make her costumes, she comes out of the biggest curtains like Vitale Barberis Canonico. In addition to suits, Bruce Field also offers shirts, sweaters and other pants to perfect a chic wardrobe. In short, the company aims to be classic and timeless while current trends surf.

Who is she talking to? For those looking for well-designed classic costumes. willwe recommend? It is the perfect brand if you don’t want to make a mistake stylistic.


Find the complete collection on: Discover our Bruce fieldsuit test


Without a doubt, Cowt is the youngest brand on this list! Launched in 2019, Cowt enters the market with one goal: to offer fully intertwined blazers and suits at the best price. To do this, he sets himself three goals: to use beautiful materials from renowned spinning work, promoting traditional clothing and obtaining affordable prices. It is in Reda, one of the most famous weavers in the world, that the brand is the source of its fabrics. For assembly, she turned to China and made her parts in the Alina craft workshop. All these points allow him to offer a blazer for 299€ and a complete suit for 399€.

Who is she talking to? For those who want the flexibility and elegance of an interlaced assembly at the best price. willwe recommend? Of course!


Find the complete collection on: Check out our Cowt Blazer test

B. middle class (between 400€ and 600€)

While the entry-level level has the peculiarity of offering products at lower cost (quality often overshadowed), the middle class prefers to raise quality to a higher level. Of course, a rise in prices is expected, but it is sometimes sacred. Here is a non-exhaustive list of costume brands to know in this area.


Italy is undoubtedly one of the kings countries when it comes to talking about Sartorial. Boggi is one of his best representatives. Founded in 1939 in Milan, the brand has built a solid reputation thanks to its quality irreproachable of his pieces. With a very large dressing room wasit quickly became a pillar of Italian fashion and soon crossed the borders of the boot. Today, the latter is located in more than a dozen countries, further expanding his wardrobe, moving from a casual shirt to a more formal model, a flannel blazer with a three-piece suit. We tested the brand some time ago with a striped suit and shortly after testing the personalized service called “Su Misura””. These two articles confirmed the same thing: the Italian brand is really a sure value.

Who is she talking to? For all lovers of beautiful dresses. willwe recommend? A brand that needs to be known.


The complete collection can be found at: Check out our Boggi costume test How (well) choose a suit?

Charles Tyrwhitt

You have pune not make an item with a brand in the purest Italian style without balancing with a British model. Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler launched his brand of the same name in the late 1960s, 1968. Originally, he wants to develop the best shirt. To do this, he moved to Fulham Road in London and developed into the field of marine sales. Over the years, the brand has developed many models to come today on more than a hundred different parts. Not satisfied with this success, and in line with the brand image developed costumes Charles Tyrwhitt. Two lines are offered: business and wedding, all in the purest English style!

Who is she talking to? The 40s wear the suit like a second skin. willwe recommend? Only if you train for years, wear costumes.


Find the complete collection on:


Suitsupply was born in 2000 as the Fokke de Jong Initiative. One of the main reasons for the success of the brand is the seriousness with which he chooses the materials he will use: wool, silk, mohair or cashmere, the Dutch tailor selects only high-quality fibers. Its vertical integration model, which involves production in its own factories and the distribution of its products in stores of the same name, makes it possible to combine quality and very competitive prices. The online store is not omitted, with all the collection available, and also a section where you can create your suit — almost — tailor-made.

To whom she talk? From the most classic to the most original. willwe recommend? Definitely one of the best value for money in this segment.


The complete collection can be found at the following address: Discover ourCostume Costume Costume

C. High-end (600€ and more)

Here you reach the elite of what can be done in ready-to-wear. Very beautiful qualities of fabrics mixed with impeccable finishes, only confirm our choice our appeal to this or that brand. Thus, we have listed the main players in this segment, such as the “Rolls Royce” of the ensemble.


Hackett was born in 1979 on the famous Portobello Road in London. The brand’s first boutique opens 4 years later on Parson’s Green. Hackett then specializes in selling High quality used British clothing and accessories. But it was not until 1985 that she decided to produce its own parts because of the excessive demand for used clothing. Soon she became a success because she was the perfect choice for most of her customers.representation of the English style was. Known for its high-quality tweeds, Hackett constantly renews its products, all more interesting than the others.

Who is she talking to? To all of themwill we recommend? Our favorite of this selection. lovers of British style


Find the complete collection on: Check out our Hackett costume test

Paul Smith

It’s hard to talk about British fashion not to mention Paul Smith. He launched his brand of the same name in 1970 with a credo: “classic with a twist”, which can be translated as “classic with an unusual detail”, which becomes its trademark. Inspired by everything around him, Paul Smith combines his craftsmanship of a traditional tailor with a more contemporary fashion, all embellished with light eccentric accents. At the top of innovation, for example, has developed a series of costumes, “A suit to travel”, all made of wrinkle-resistant fabric. The English humor committed to the brand chose an English acrobat to promote this line!

Who is she talking to? Anyone who wants to brighten up his day with his clothes. willwe recommend? Its eccentricity combined with the quality of its products makes it a must.


Find the complete collection on:

Wicket Gate

Wicket was founded in 2003 by Hugues de Peyrelongue. To summarize the brand in just compare it with a dressing room dedicated to gentlemen. The latter, in addition to his suits, also offers jackets and trousers, as well as shoes and vests. Its range is therefore formal, but not strict. In fact, most of the pieces of LaMarque in bright colors that add peps to any outfit while remaining stylish at the same time. In addition to its ready-to-wear line, Wicket offers a half-size service. About the solid foundation of more than 2000 fabric references produces complete semi-industrial products and adapts to the wishes of its customers.

Who is she talking to? To the Lord who is in us. willwe recommend? Especially for its originality.


Find the complete collection on: Discover our Wicket costume test

2. The tailor-made

While the ready-to-wear obviously represents the bulk of current purchases, the tailor-made world has become democratized, and in recent years, thanks to the emergence of new homes that mainly use industrial measurement. That’s why we thought it was important to, especially if we know that some of them charge almost the same prices as ready-to-wear!


Artling house is ParMartial Arnaud in the early 2010’s. Trained at the National Federation of Masters Tailor of France, he wants to produce beautiful pieces combining modernity and tradition. With more than 4000 fabric covers from the best weavers, the house has established itself as a must-have for tailor-made costumes. Artling adapts to the needs of its customers and offers a range of suits, from a sports jacket to an individual groom suit.

To whom She’s talking? For lovers of beautiful fabrics. willwe recommend? A very good bridge between modernity and tradition.


More information:

Blandin & Delloye

Here, too, we find twoFriends: Charles and Cédric. In 2013, they opened their first store on Palestro Street. The latter then functions as a showroom: all the fabrics made by the brand are available and you can even appreciate the latter’s achievements for its customers. But do not plan to leave unexpectedly, the house opens its doors only by appointment! This is due to his desire to welcome each client in a unique and personalized way. Blandin & Delloye works with most major weavers and offers thousands of fabric references that allow everyone to realize their dreams.

Who is she talking to? For those looking for personalized and relevant advice. willwe recommend? Whether it’s the universe or the professionalism of the tailors of the house, Blandin & Delloye is a brand to know.


: Discover our test of Blandin & DelloyecostumeMore information


Faubourg Saint Sulpice was born in 2009. A tailor-made house, it is represented by its creators, including Géraud Lamazère, its founder, is its artistic director. The House offers two services: the Custom Creations Service (from 990€). Whether you create a daily costume or for their wedding, customers are offered, after a first long exchange with one of the designers of the Faubourg Saint Sulpice, a costume that meets their wishes. Next comes the tailor-made pickup service (from 690€). The creators of the Faubourg Saint-Sulpice then reflect and draw seasonal collections every year. Each piece can be ordered to measure, but is not customizable. A subtle blend of ready-to-wear and tailor-made.

Who is she talking to? For those who want to buy a suit that looks like himIt looks like. She’ll be advised.? ? The price-quality ratio is excellent!

More information: Discover our Faubourg Saint-Sulpice costume

The Apieceur

I won’t teach you anything by saying that the suit is a man thing. And yet, the apieceur deviates somewhat from this rule. Indeed, the small shop on rue du Pont-aux-Choux in the third arrondissement of Paris is the property… of a woman! After studying at the famous school of Chardon Savard and a training in model making at the AICP, Camille opens her business. His desire is clear: to undo the image sometimes a little too classic and smooth of the combination. It also wants to diacralize custom and make it accessible to all. She creates pieces with casual silhouettes that can be worn every day. Respect for know-how and brings a touch of modernity, it offers more than 700 references of fabrics in different materials to allow free rein to all desires.

Who is she talking to? Those who want a modern and original suit. willwe recommend? The feminine note more than welcome to achieve a full.


For more information, visit: Discover our L’Apiéceur costume test


Stéphan Ricard opens his first Samson store in 1999 rue de l’Arcade, in the eighth arrondissement of Paris. Its concept is simple: to offer tailor-made suits and shirts, the production of which is fully controlled. In this way, Stéphan creates his own models, which he adapts to the physical characteristics of his customers. This also allows him to control costs and thus a costume entry level at 670€. With around 400 references of 100% European fabrics, which it renews every year, the brand focuses on compiling its costumes.

Who is she talking to? For those who want to combine quality and attractive price. willwe recommend? Serious construction and wide selection of fabrics.

The /

Info on: Check out our Samson costume test


Scabal (for Société Commerciale Anglo Belgo Luxembourgeoise Deutschland) was born by Otto Hertz. The fabric merchant moved to Brussels in 1938, where he founded his brand. In 1972, Win Shiell, a former tailor house in Savile Row, acquired for 120 years. Thanks to this salvation, Scabal opens a window into the world and extends internationally. Today, the brand’s costumes are made in Germany.For its fabrics, the company manufactures them directly in its factory in England. A true custom-made institution, it offers two areas: the first is manufactured in an industrial way, the other in a traditional way

Who is she talking to? For those looking for a tailor-made suit of impeccable quality. willwe recommend? It’s an institution!

The /

More information: Discover our Scabal costume test

Tailor Trucks

Two cousins, Johann and Lylian, decided in February 2016 to start their fashion house. But instead of having a physical store, they decide to build a truck. This choice is based on the fact that too many of us still have our time to finally buy parts that do not match us and are poorly cut. Johann and Lylian haveTherefore, the idea of not creating a classic business in which the customer would move, but to bring the tailor to the customer. Their concept therefore works like a food truck, except that it is the consumer who chooses the meeting place. In a truck 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, the two cousins welcome us as a classic tailor. Today, the brand also offers a more traditional service in two classic stores.


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