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A dark industrial England, elegant violence, men and women in suits swollen with cigarettes, and many dramatic dialogues, Peaky Blinders has it all. Five seasons, the Shelby family police saga triggered his own cult. There is not much room for emotional or tearful monologues, but Steven Knight’s script is not afraid of fast and impudent jokes and cinematic lines among his characters, be it the dry humor of Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) or Aunt Polly’s burning feedback.

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In this regard, here are 10 of the most memorable quotes from Peaky Blinders, which fans should not forget.

Updated on 30 April 2020 by Alyssa Avina. Peaky Blinders released his fifth season on Netflix only a few months in December and we look forward to The next Season. It may take some time for this to happen, but why don’t you think of some of the best quotes in the series over the last five seasons of this incredible English gangster drama?

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Whether you’re looking for the wisdom or spirit of our favorite English street gang, we’ve covered you.

15 “On order of…


/ “This place is under a new direction, commanded by Peaky Blinders.

— Arthur Shelby

You play with the Peaky Blinders and you have a face and a burnt bar. At least if you’re angry, Arthur, the brother of Patriarch Thomas Shelby’s family. The context of this iconic quote comes from a scene in which Arthur Michael’s cousin, is in a bar with his friend. But the racist bar rejects them because Michael’s boyfriend is a black man.

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rank Angry by this disrespect for the surname Shelby, Arthur goes crazy. “On behalf of the Peaky Blinders” became a favorite dialogue of fans, which is also pronounced in many other episodes.

14 Sell


/ “Everyone is a wh*re, Grace. We simply sell different parts of ourselves.”

— Tommy Shelby

In the first few days before Tommy and Grace fell in love, Tommy wanted to use Grace’s charm and beauty to win Billy Kimber. When Grace learned Tommy’s true intentions to invite her to a race, she accused him of prostituting her for her own profit. That was his funny answer.

The truth is, he’s not wrong. We sell each other to get what we want in different ways.

13 Whiskey shows its true colors


“ The good water of fermentation of whiskey. Tell me who is real and who is not.

— Tommy Shelby

We cannot deny the truth behind this statement by Thomas Shelby himself. He uses this alcohol-induced trick to uncover the truth behind the intentions of others, especially his enemies.

Alcohol, especially whiskey, tends to soften the inhibitions and lips of those who need to see who they really are for. And nobody knows better than Tommy.

12 No love


/ “Men like us, Mr. Shelby, will always be alone. And what love we are going to get, we have to pay.

— Chester Campbell

A bad guy who is so bad he’s good. This is Sam Neill’s Detective Campbell. First, he has a Vendetta against Thomas just because he’s on the other side of the law is. But he falls in love with Secret policeman Grace, who fell in love with Thomas himself. Campbell waged his own personal war after falling into this love triangle.

In this quote, Campbell points out that all the romantic dreams Thomas weaves, he is doomed to lose Grace. Finally, Thomas chose a dangerous life for himself, making it difficult to have real obligations. And Campbell turns out to be right with Grace’s fate a few seasons later, as we discover a few seasons later.

11 last words


/ “Oh… and there’s a woman. Yes. A woman… I love… and I got closer. I almost f******!

— Thomas Shelby

The Peaky Blinders show that riders have a usual trope to put Thomas in imminent death situations against the season final. This is the case in the last episode of the season 2, Detective Campbell’s words sound only for Thomas who thinks he’s dying. He complains about how he finally found the love of his life, and yet this gangster could not end his fairy tale.

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Thomas begins his diatribe by blowing peacefully on a cigarette, then shouting at his lungs and looking into the sky. The agony in the dialogue of Cillian Murphy gives us one of the most emblematic moments of the series.

Ten Angry Alfie


“ WHICH F****** LINE SHOULD I CROSH? How many fathers, not true, how many sons, yes, have you cut, killed, murdered, slaughtered, innocent and guilty of sending directly to f****** hell, right? LIKE ME!

” Alfie Solomons

The inclusion of Tom Hardy in the cast of the series as a Jew The gangster businessman Alfie was a good decision. A wise but witty character, his lines were mostly humorous until that moment. Thomas’s son is kidnapped and he suspects Alfie. Thomas holds him under the threat of a gun and accuses him of his crimes. But Alfie in this angry monologue confronts Thomas with his life choices.

No matter Thomas’s heroic, he’s always a ruthless gangster in the end. That’s why he and Alfie Solomons are no different.

9 The quintessence of the upper class


/ “Good taste is for people who can not afford to buy sapphires.

— Tommy Shelby

At the beginning of Season 3, Tommy Shelby and the Peaky Blinders as a whole are on the edge. You don’t need anything, and Tommy makes sure his wife Grace has all this that she deserves. These include huge Sapphires.

When he receives them in payment from the Russians, he makes it a beautiful necklace to wear for their charity event. She realizes that it would probably not be tasteful to bring to a charity event if he responded with this one-liner. It was a beautiful piece of jewel, so who needs good taste?

8 Man, Men, Men


/ “Men and their c*** do not listen to surprise me.

” — Polly Shelby

Polly, the brain behind most of Shelby’s business and an aunt of the gangster brothers, delivers sarcasm and cruelty jewels every time she’s on the screen. Aunt Polly says when her younger brother John Shelby announces that he wants to marry a prostitute. It generalizes the way men think primarily of their genitals, rather than their Spirit.

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This quote also shows Polly’s contempt for men, since she lives in England in the twentieth century, when working women are not seen with a positive eye. But Polly insists on doing his own thing and remains one of the strongest members of Peaky Blinders.

7 Heaven or Hell


/ “Like you, half an hour before the devil knew you were dead.

— Grace Burgess

The love story of Grace and Thomas is almost that of Shakespeare. Grace claims to be a bartender, and Thomas finds comfort with him. Thomas, a constant drinker, goes into his pub in an empty hour and asks if Grace can toast. She says she’s Irish to pronounce a million toast.

Grace knows Thomas has committed enough sins to go to hell, but she still sees something of the kindness he hides. And this leads her to our protagonist.

6 words from Alfie


/ “Intelligence is a very valuable thing, at least, my friend. And usually it’s way too late *****.”

— Alfie Solomons

Alfie Solomons can be a vicious gangster who looks only for himself, but many fans of Peaky Blinders see him as a favorite of fans. He’s hilarious in his behavior and dialogue, and Tom Hardy plays it perfectly.

This quote is one of the smartest sentences Alfie has spoken. It’s always ten lengths ahead, and it proves why. Intelligence is something to appreciate, and only intelligent women rule in their world.

5 Paradise or Hell # 2


/ “Who wants to be in heaven when you can send men to hell?

— Arthur Shelby

Arthur has a completely different philosophy compared to the questions of heaven and hell. Although Arthur had problems with PTSD and substance abuse, he was later mostly a wild animal in general. This line develops only its bloodthirsty attacks and anger.

If we compared the gangster figures, Arthur would clearly be a distant relative of Joe Pesci of Goodfellas or the Sponsorship is Sonny Corleone!

4 large guns


/ “Sergeant Thorne who comes to work, sir.

— Freddie Thorne

Billy Kimber, one of the villains of the first season, comes with her gang more numerous than Shelby and his men. When Thomas seized the opportunity to break a dialogue, he calmly said that if they want to fight with guns, they should use “weapons” appropriate”.

And this is Thomas Schwager and Warmate, Freddie comes with a Chinese machine gun in hand. Kimber and his servants are amazed. Even if only a few shots happen afterwards, Freddie’s entrance even makes the scene rather cool.

3 Don’t cross Tommy


/ “I just put a bullet in his head… he looked at me on the wrong side.

— Tommy Shelby

After Tommy’s new precious horse was a little accidental, he suddenly had to free him from his misery. Then he goes straight to the garrison and talks to his favorite bartender Grace.

She sings for him, and the two get closer. But only when she asks questions about her horse and he tells her the truth. Most of them. That may not be the real reason he killed the horse, but he says that to tell him he’s a dangerous man. However, it does not stay outside.

2 “No Fight!


/ “No fight. No f****** fights. No fight. NO F ****** FIGHT!

‘ — Thomas Shelby

It’s Thomas’s wedding day. It’s funny to see how the Shelbys interact with Grace’s family, most of whom are members of the British army. Shelby just hopes none of his relatives embarrassed him in front of his in-law, so he takes his brothers and comrades to the kitchen to give them instructions.

The instructions will not go to sniff cocaine, do not shoot with a rifle and absolutely do not fight. This line is played in a fun way and is a simple “material itself”.

1 No. Don’t do that


/ “Not f*** with the Peaky Blinders!

” — Polly Shelby

It is a simple and straightforward line that Fear that the Peaky Blinders want to create in the minds of their opponents. Detective Campbell continues to disturb the Shelby and even sexually harass Polly. But Polly is not discouraged and poses a direct threat to him. You’re not playing with the Peaky Blinders.

Just like “on behalf of Peaky Blinders “, this has also become a common quote among fans of the franchise. Unfortunately, Campbell was the only one who never took these auserious words!

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