Thermostat 8 and 9 degrees : equivalence

Would you like to follow a cooking recipe that you found on the Internet? Problem: the oven temperature is displayed in a thermostat. Don’t panic, we tell you how to perform the conversion to degrees Celsius. Make delicious recipes in the oven thanks to our tips!

Thermostat oven: the formula and temperature in degrees

There is a very simple trick that every chef cooks knows! To obtain the equivalence of the thermostat 8 and 9 in degrees Celsius (strong or very hot oven), here is the formula:

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Thermostat x 30 = temperature in degrees Celsius

You can now follow your recipe with your family! Men, women and children, everyone puts Hand to the dough! For a recipe indicating a thermostat power 8 or 9, multiply by 30.

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Thermostat 8 corresponds to a temperature of 240 degrees Celsius or 460 degrees Fahrenheit. A thermostat 9 corresponds to a temperature of 270°C or 520 °F, which is equivalent to a very strong oven or a very hot oven. These cooking are ideal for grabbing ingredients in a short time and monitoring well to avoid any domestic accident.

Temperature nuances are also expressed as follows:

  • Warm oven = very mild temperature: thermostat 1 (30°C or 85°F)
  • Soft oven = mild temperature: thermostat 2 to 4 (60°C to 120°C or 140°F to 250°F)
  • Medium oven = average temperature: thermostat 5 and 6 (150°C and 180°C or 300°F and 350°F)
  • Hot or strong oven = high temperature: 7 thermostat (210°C or 410° (F)
  • Very hot oven corresponds to a thermostat 8 or 9 (240 °C or 270 °C).

Our thermostat recipes 8 and 9/270°C or 520 °F

  1. Appetizers : small rolls in the belly. Thread a prune on a toothpick, wrap it with a piece of bacon, place on a sheet of aluminium and hop, in a thermostat oven 8 or 9. At 250 degrees Celsius, you get the crunch of the belly and the fondant of the prune. A delight for the guests, in front of a good movie!
  2. Homemade pizzas : pizzas and fine pies need to be seized to reveal their crispy. Garnish light and bake for a few minutes to get real homemade pizzas!
  3. A fine pie can be topped with simple ingredients such as goat cheese and a drizzle of honey, a few nuts or grapes. Do you have exotic ingredients in stock? Add some arugula or fresh garlic and sprockets.
  4. For the aperitif, rolls are always excellent accompaniers. Take care to prepare your bread dough and let stand. Throw nuts, grapes or even diced roquefort, shape and bake. A very hot oven makes it possible to get an unmatched crispy.

For recipe ideas, open your cookbook from your favorite culinary publisher and review the hot oven recipes!

Thermostat and temperature matches

  • Thermostat 1, 2 and 3
  • Thermostat 4
  • Thermostat 5
  • Thermostat 6
  • Thermostat 7
  • Thermostat 8 and 9

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