Themed wedding: how to set the decoration?

Are you going to get married soon and have heard about wedding themes or wedding themes? This is a very nice fashion, which makes it possible to give a beautiful originality to your wedding party. But how to define the theme of a wedding and choose the right thing?

Plan of the article

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  • What is a wedding theme?
  • How is a wedding theme expressed?
  • Wedding theme: colors and decoration in the spotlight
  • How to choose colors for a themed wedding decoration?
    • Wedding decoration: follow your intuition
  • Wedding reception: choose your theme
  • Well choose your wedding theme and outfits
  • Flowers for your wedding reception
  • Make the wedding ceremony an original moment
  • Define a wedding theme: passions and
  • story

  • A wedding that looks like you above all
  • A playful table plan based on the theme
  • Small details that make the difference

What is a wedding theme?

A wedding theme, also known as a wedding theme, is a common thread that gives your wedding a new and unforgettable flavor.

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When the bride and groom plan to organize their wedding party and gather their guests, the question of the wedding theme arises. Indeed, this trend appeared a few years ago already and is a fury in contemporary weddings .

What could be better than entertaining guests pleasantly by choosing a theme that fits both the bride and groom but also the guests? By choosing a theme for a wedding, the bride and groom make sure to give their guests an original moment , while reflecting their own tastes.

How is a wedding theme expressed?

A themed wedding is a wedding that will follow a certain decoration. This decoration will be found throughout the wedding party, usually after the ceremony. The theme can of course take up more space and be expressed at the official ceremony. Via the decoration of the room, the clothes of the bride and groom, the table plan…

Wedding decoration is a thorny subject because it must be suitable for both groom and groom but also guests, who will have the surprise. Often, the theme of a wedding goes through:

  • deco of the table of the bride and groom;
  • the table plan;
  • the entire decoration of the hall that hosts the wedding party;
  • ideas for games with guests, following the theme;
  • The decor must include codes, theme, colors etc.

Wedding theme: colors and decoration in the spotlight

The theme of a wedding must be available on many objects that will participate in the decoration of the wedding hall. This room usually welcomes guests at first for a meal at the table. Then the hall and venue turn into a dance floor for guests and groom.

The decoration of the hall and the theme of the wedding will go through the choice of colors that will be preferred. The chosen colors will set the tone for the wedding and all the small objects that will participate in the good atmosphere and aesthetic appearance of the wedding.

How to choose colors for a themed wedding decoration?

First of all, if it’s your wedding, keep in mind that the colors that will define your wedding decoration should look like you.

Unless you do not opt for a wedding planner who takes care of choosing everything for you (colors, deco, table plan, etc.), it will be for the bride and groom to make the main choices related to the decor and colors.

Wedding decoration: follow his intuition

It is said that tastes and colors do not argue. The fact is, for a wedding, we’re two. It will therefore be necessary, at the choice:

  • that one of the bride and groom decides on the decoration and colors of the theme;
  • whether the groom or bride decides on the colors of the wedding theme;
  • whether the wedding planner or the person in charge of organizing the wedding theme chooses and makes a surprise (risky!)
  • ;

Wedding reception: choose your theme

You have no ideas for your wedding and its decoration? No panic, you can always follow already existing decoration ideas and specially made for Referral the bride and groom.

The wedding reception must be able to mark the spirits. No question, therefore, to brade the subject of wedding decoration by deciding that it is not important. A wedding decoration and theme give an originality to your wedding.

The wedding reception, also called a wedding party, will be inspected from all angles by the guests of the wedding. As much to please themselves while making them happy. The visual aspect of a wedding matters as much as the atmosphere that prevails in it.

If guests and bride and groom are comfortable with the decoration of the wedding, they will spend at all the strokes good times.

Choosing your wedding theme and outfits

You dry on wedding theme ideas? Here we give you some themed wedding decoration ideas. This should help you make your choices for reception. Choose 5 adjectives that will define your wedding theme, according to your personality:

  • Countryside
  • Chic
  • Vintage
  • Nature
  • Bohemian
  • Romantic
  • Fairy
  • Exotic
  • Oriental
  • tropical
  • Princess
  • Original
  • Baroque
  • Outdoor
  • Artistic
  • Contemporary and design
  • Bucolic,
  • Marin, etc.

The outfits of brides and bridesmaids and bridesmaids should also reflect the theme in order to perfect the painting. It does not necessarily take a budget to make a successful thematic wedding . Just be yourself and the rest will follow.

For the more demanding groom, there are many services and services available to satisfy your desires and wishes for decoration and dressing.

Flowers for your reception

First of all, you should know that nothing forces you to choose flowers for your wedding. But it is true that flowers are the sign of celebration, celebration and represent joy and love. So, even if you do not like flowers, you can still choose a rather inconspicuous flower decorationwedding .

Flowers are entirely part of the theme of a wedding and its decoration. Vary colors or follow only one color theme in camaieu , according to your desires.

Follow your tastes: what flowers do you want, in terms of shape, smell, meaning? The flowers all have a language. If you use a wedding planner, let him know your tastes in terms of flowers and he will make a floral decoration in accordance with the chosen wedding theme and with the help of craftsmen.

Make the wedding ceremony an original moment

If you choose your wedding theme, as long as you do, we advise you to bet everything on the wedding ceremony as well. Indeed, the wedding ceremony will also have to be decorated. It will have to look like you and be in line with your wedding theme. Flowers, colors, decoration, various and varied charms…

There is no shortage of ideas for the bride and groom together to work out a ceremony worthy of their most wacky ideas, whether it be about their lives or on the decoration of the place. The most beautiful themed wedding will be the one that will have character and will be personalized according to the bride and groom!

Define a wedding theme: passions and history

The decoration of all the places that will serve at the wedding must make the bride and groom think and be a real nod to their history. It’s your day, take the opportunity to truly reveal your desires. Your common stories come together to make one, a new path.

It is essential to give priority to the story of the groom and the story of the bride, all in the decoration! Have you lived abroad? Have you made trips ?

It is truly your individual, common passions and personal stories that will help you define the theme of your wedding. If you don’t feel setting a theme based on your past, you can also set it according to your future to two:

A trip? A project? A place? A common passion ? To help you, we have selected atmospheres choices for your wedding. Choose from the following atmospheres


  • Sober
  • User friendly
  • Entertaining
  • Childish
  • Participatory
  • Bourgeois
  • Class
  • Warm
  • Playful
  • Gourmet
  • Bright
  • Floral
  • Family, etc.

These few ideas will certainly give you ideas to develop your wedding theme and its decoration.

The color of each detail will count in your wedding theme and in its decoration. It is indeed by color essentially that your theme will be consistent and recognizable.

A wedding that looks like you first and foremost

Do not lose sight of that a marriage that looks like you, it is a marriage that will be successful. Guests will recognize you, be moved and will be able to really trace the story with you while discovering part of your personality, as well as your future spouse more and more detail!

You are in the spotlight and everything is allowed for your wedding theme. Even in the details of the caterer, if the groom are lovers of good gastronomy, this is also where you will be worth yourself.

If nevertheless, you lack inspiration, wedding blogs, wedding magazines and wedding gliders are here to help you make your choices. You design your wedding without stress and enthusiasm by tracing your respective paths through the theme and decoration.

A playful table plan according to the theme

Last card, and not least, if you are worried that people are not comfortable with each other, create a playful table plan that allows guests to get to know each other. Offer fun activities! With the evening taking place, guests will be more and more comfortable.

For bring a little more fun and allow guests to mix up a little, do not forget the famous photobooth, an idea that makes the rage in weddings. Do not omit any details: the guestbook will also be part of the theme, as well as the box for the groom pool (guest contributions).

The small details that make the difference

Some details really make the difference at a wedding:

  • Napkins and table linen
  • Little dragees and first names of guests with their labels and a small special word
  • Gifts to guests
  • The decoration of the car of the bride and groom
  • The personalized decoration of each table
  • The color of the rose petals thrown at the exit of the official ceremony, etc.

One last tip: don’t overdo it! Your marriage must reflect who you are but also should not be absolutely out of budget. The best wedding will be this one where the decoration will not be shocking but where it will appear logical in the eyes of the guests.

Each guest will then be able, during the evening and reception, to remember good times spent together with the bride or groom. It is in this sense that a theme is well chosen. Your guests should feel included and not excluded, because a priori, it was during your story that the bride and groom knew them.

Finally, thank you cards for after the wedding can also take on the chosen theme, depending on your printing budget. These are small memories that we usually like to keep!

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