The most beautiful destinations for a luxury trip

Are you planning to go on a trip for two soon and are you still looking for THE romantic destination for a dream trip? My Luxury Travel offers a selection of 10 ideal destinations to go in love for a weekend or a little more.

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Creators of travel for 10 years, My luxury Travel specializes in custom luxury travel. Over time, we have been able to respond to all the requests of our customers. Romantic trips are the perfect time to meet with two and enjoy every moment.

Here are the 10 best destinations we have chosen for you.

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Honolulu, romantic sunsets

Honolulu‘s sunsets are incredibly beautiful. You can enjoy this view, in love on a beach at a romantic dinner with a famous flower necklace. Nothing more romantic than share this moment with your half. During your all-inclusive trip, you can stroll through the streets of Waikiki, with its shops, restaurants and nightlife, as well as its beach known for its crescent shape. There are also many other things to see and do during your stay in Hawaii. If you need ideas for your vacation in this Pacific archipelago, you can visit our article dedicated to Hawaii and its islands. This destination is very good for holidays but also for a honeymoon .

The Greek Islands

Greece and its white and blue villas are a haven of peace in the Mediterranean. The blue of the sky and the blue of the sea merge on the horizon, enjoy this magnificent view from a private pool of a luxury hotel in Greece. A lot of things are to do on this beautiful island on a luxury, visit the small traditional streets, taste good fish and shellfish dishes but also go to discover the surrounding islands and the little secret corners that the locals will make you discover.

Bali in Indonesia for a romantic trip

Not far away by plane, you can be disscented by Balinese beaches and rice fields. This destination is also well known for its luxury and romance . You can treat yourself to a private villa with concierge service, so you can request bespoke services such as a romantic setting up of your room with rose petals or champagne, a chef service at home or the organization of excursions in Bali and its surroundings (surcharge).

Patagonia and its wild expanses

We recently discovered the Hotels Tierra in Patagonia, and they are, without hesitation, a very beautiful address for nature lovers. In a completely pristine landscape of any city, the Tierra Patagonia 5* hotel offers an unforgettable stay, the perfect place to escape from two for a few days or more. Because once you’re there, you won’t want to leave again. The activities offered here are mainly hikes but also horseback riding. Explore Patagonia’s glaciers, deserts and waterfalls like explorers on a la carte trip.

French Polynesia, to the other end of the world

If you want to go far, far away, to the other end of the world for an exotic stay, what better than French Polynesia? This archipelago of islands at the end of the world attracts every year honeymoon lovers, lovers who want to cut off from everything and Enjoy discovering postcard beaches, breathtaking scuba diving and many more things. Here, enjoy diving, brown in the sun and moisturize with a cocktail on your deckchair. You will see, after your luxury trip to French Polynesia, you will not want to leave again.

Paris, capital of love and elegance

Paris is known worldwide for being the city of Love. It is an ideal destination for a romantic trip to France. Strolling through the city and on the docks, you will appreciate all the delicacy and beauty of the city. Let yourself be charmed by the small alleys, Montmartre and its craftsmen and the little bookshops on the banks of the Seine. Take time to stroll, visit and get lost. Nothing better to learn to discover a city. Paris also offers beautiful views and restaurants in roof top. In the capital of the country of gastronomy, you will have a wide choice of bars and restaurants to discover, from brunch to dinner, as well as afternoon tea and aperitif.

Maldives, a must-see honeymoon

The Maldives are known for its breathtaking luxury hotels and turquoise lagoons. This is the favorite destination to go on a honeymoon. Being specialists in luxury travel to the Maldives and romanticism, you will be entitled to an exceptional service available 24/24. They can arrange excursions but also massages or candlelit dinners on the beach. For unmarried couples, do not panic, you will also be welcome and you can relax on this tailor-made trip.

Antigua and Barbuda and its secret beaches

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent state of the Caribbean. Between its two main islands, there are many small paradisiacal islands to discover. It is a perfect place to meet with two, and go to explore. Islands with white sand and turquoise water. So try this romantic trip to Antigua and Barbuda?

Burma and its hot air balloons

Myanmar’s hot air balloons are known all over the world, offering mesmerizing landscapes. That’s why we offer you this destination for a romantic trip, a honeymoon or even a wedding request, we can imagine everything. Fly into the sky of Burma to watch the sunset for a romantic moment.

Iceland, calm and serenity

For lovers who do not like heat but rather vast landscapes, we offer Iceland. This beautiful destination will charm you with its captivating landscapes, its northern lights and baths, ideal for relaxing. For a short romantic stay or a cool honeymoon under the sign of relaxation from disconnection, Iceland will be the ideal destination.

For your next romantic trips or honeymoon, contact the team of specialists at My Luxury Travel travel agency. We will be able to meet all your requests to make your trip a custom luxury trip that you will remember for a long time.

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