The job of maintenance agent or housekeeper

Yes, housekeeper or housekeeper is a real profession from which one has long removed his nobility. There is no foolly trade and maintenance agent requires endurance that other trades do not require. You are told here about the characteristics of the duties of the maintenance officer and the housekeeper, as well as the training required to access the job.

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  • Housekeeper: a common job
  • The maintenance worker: her role
  • Skills expected to be a cleaning agent
  • The advantages and constraints of the job of cleaning agent
  • What training to become a maintenance agent or Housekeeper
  • Salary, and career development for the housekeeper
  • What skills do you need to have to be a housekeeper?

Woman Household: a common job

A maintenance agent is also called housekeeper , housekeeper, maid and much more rarely housekeeper. These denominations include a single job, missions focused on cleanliness and storage.

Contrary to popular ideas, this very common occupation is not only performed by women, although they remain the majority in this sector of employment. The main mission of the maintenance officer? Ensure the storage and cleanliness of a given place , whether public or private.

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This occupation can be performed on behalf of an individual or for that of an enterprise. We talk to you in more detail about this profession that we don’t talk about as much as we should.

The maintenance officer: his role

The role of the maintenance officer or the domestic worker is to ensure proper maintenance of a public or private place. By recruiting a maintenance worker or a housekeeper, you have access to hygiene, cleanliness and storage services that are reliable and qualitative.

The duties of a maintenance officer require a lot of qualities and organization , as they are multiple. Among them, you will find:

  • Ventilation of parts;
  • Storage of parts and discluttering before cleaning;
  • Surfaces are dusted and cleaned with professional and adequate cleaning products;
  • Furniture, glass surfaces, skirting boards, carpets, floors and decorative objects are concerned with cleaning work;
  • Sanitary, bathroom and kitchen are also cleaned;
  • Floor cleaning is carried out by means of a broom, a vacuum cleaner and a mop;
  • The garbage bins in the area are changed by taking hygiene precautions;
  • Dirty bedroom and kitchen linen is recovered for machine put, ironed, folded and stowed;
  • Sewing work may be requested;
  • Household appliances must be maintained in order to ensure their proper functioning;
  • Finally, inventory of household products is often necessary.

The roles and tasks of the housekeepers and the maintenance worker adapt, of course, depending on where they work. Being hired as a maintenance agent means that a contract of trust has been entered into.

This is true for private places and homes as well as for professional places, such as associations, police stations, institutions, schools, centres Hospitallers , the hospitality industry, etc.

Skills expected to be cleaning agent

Essential qualities are required to become a cleaning agent or housekeeper. To find a stable job, you will need to be efficient and reliable, but also punctuality. You are an adaptable, fast, friendly, respectful and integrated person .

In the tasks entrusted to you, you will be asked to have knowledge about products, techniques and precautions to be used for good hygiene, etc.

The level of dangerousness of products should be assessed at its fair value, as well as the various cleaning procedures. Finally, household chores should not scare you as a maintenance worker. With rigour and determination , you organize your cleaning day and you know how to manage your time in your workplace and with staff.

Advantages and constraints of cleaning agent

No diploma is required for this trade, which ensures you a job if your profile matches what employers are looking for. The sector recruits and you enjoy great autonomy in your work. You are in human contact with people, and you have diverse tasks.

However, the few constraints of the job of cleaning agent are not negligible. You have to move frequently , and you have shifted schedules. The income you receive is not very high, the profession is unfortunately not well perceived and considered, and there are few possibilities for development. In agency, you may be able to pass cleaning team supervisor.

What training to become an agent maintenance or housekeeper

As we said, no diploma is required, but it is possible to go on courses that can take you to that route:

  • CAP cleanliness and hygiene agent;
  • CAP maintenance and hygiene of premises;
  • CAP technical assistant in family and collective environment;
  • CAP hotel services;
  • Agricultural CAP, service to people and sale in rural areas;

It is also possible to switch from BAC pro: hygiene and environment, hygiene and safety, etc.

Salary, and trade development for the housekeeper

The area and place of work of the housekeeper is decisive for her salary. SMIC is a rigor for any job of this type, at the beginning of the trade. The skills required are not high, but there are some possibilities for development.

If you want to change way or evolve following professional experience as a maintenance agent, you can become a nursery assistant, social care assistant, home help for dependent people , housekeeper in luxury hospitality, business manager for an agency or cleaning company.

What skills do you need to have to be a housekeeper?

If you would like to have more information about the household help profession, you can access a complete business sheet on the site Housekeepers are experts in cleanliness, storage and hygiene, and do their utmost to maintain and maintain the living environment of customers. Household professionals intervene at home with an active clientele and people who have lost their autonomy in order to relieve them of tasks housewives of everyday life.

It is therefore necessary to have a pleasant and sociable profile to do this job because you will be put in touch with many people with different profiles. You also need a great sense of listening because it is possible that you intervene in elderly people suffering from loneliness and need to speak. It is also necessary to be professional and able to perform quality work to give full customer satisfaction. You will be required to do various tasks, such as cleaning and home maintenance, folding, storing, sorting clothes, preparing meals and helping with groceries.

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