The best movies to see with family

Want to spend time with your family? When you meet with family and want to watch a movie, it’s hard to know if they are suitable for any audience. Between cinema, Netflix, Disney, the famous Christmas movies… We have sorted out for you and we offer a selection of movies to watch with family, nestled in the couch.

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  • How to choose a movie to see as a family?
  • Movies to discover or see again with children in family
    • 1 — Wall-E
    • 2 — Up
    • 3 — E.T. the alien
    • 4 — The Jungle Book
    • 5 — The Song of the Sea
    • 6 — Zootopia
    • 7 — The Little Prince
    • 8 — Wonder
    • 9 — The Walker d&# 8217; bird
    • 10 — Beauty and the Beast
    • 11 — My Dog Lives
    • 12 — Heidi
    • 13 — All on Stage
    • 14 — Rapunzel
    • 15 — Vice versa

How to choose a movie to see as a family?

Well, this is the mission we have given ourselves for you! Difficult to choose a movie from so many movies and series. Family-watching films must be able to be seen by everyone regardless of age. Depending on the ages of your children, it is also important toadapt the “family” movies that you think you can be good.

In the cinema or on Netflix, have you sold out your stock of movies and series to watch? You no longer have any ideas for occupying your children and you no longer know which films are rather reserved for adults or which ones can be seen by children?

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When you find yourself having to take care of children on weekends, confinement or not, it is important to choose your films and series well so that you don’t have bad surprise. Follow the guide!

Movies to discover or see again with children in the family

Among the movies you are advised to keep warm on a “troubleshooting list” of movies to see as a family:

1 — Wall-E

Wall-E, a masterpiece to see and see again as a family, is sure and certain. This film is an animation of Pixar Studios and dates from 2008. The animated film did not get old badly, quite the contrary. It makes children aware of the world of tomorrow.

Originally released in the cinema, he tells the story of a small robot that was developed to treat waste left by humans on Earth. Wall-E the robot meets another robot named Eve: we follow their wrongings and adventures throughout the film. A delight for young and old.

2 — Up there

How not to mention up there, what Poetic film jewel that invites you to think smoothly. This animated film is made in synthetic images, just like Wall-E. It was released in 2009 and was directed by the person who first directed Monsters et Cie, Pete Docter.

It’s the story of a widower octogenarian who makes his house fly with balloons … we don’t tell you too much. Children and parents are going to feast: this film is really for all ages and is enjoyed with emotion.

This animated film had the privilege of opening the 62nd Cannes Film Festival and received many awards for its originality, poetry but also the technicality of animation itself. A film not to be missed, for a nice evening or a family afternoon.

3 — E.T. the alien

E.T. is a film that is one of the great classics of the best films to watch in the family. Adults and children feast in front of E.T., a film to discover or rediscover. This film was released at the cinema in 1982 and has forever marked the history of cinema . Long before Netflix, there was enough to run the imagination of children!

It’s the story of a little boy, Elliott, who collects an alien, E.T. He tries at all costs to help him get in touch with other aliens, while hiding the creature’s presence from his mother… but also from the American government!

Funny, with a plot as we like them, E.T. is a jewel that marked the minds of children and adults when it was released to the cinema. Nevertheless, today it remains a superb masterpiece that has not aged with a hair! As a family, you also think about the sense of friendship, the difference…

4 — The Jungle Book

Another great classic, why deprive yourself of it. The film of the famous Jungle Book is to see or see again. This is the remake of Disney’s film released in 1967 at the cinema. Here, Disney is still behind this superb film, released at the cinema in 2016 for the delight of children and adults. Dive back into themoving story of a flawless friendship , while delighting the stunning visual effects (Oscar Best Visual Effects 2017).

The Jungle Book is to be reviewed or seen without any moderation. It is the world of animals and the relationship to man that is questioned, poetically and yet so realistic, thanks to the technology of synthetic images.

5 — The song of the sea

Le Chant de la mer is a film that has been co-produced in several countries including France. Released in the cinema in 2014, this film is a cartoon that looks like science fiction. The central character is indeed a strange creature who has the wonderful gift of being able to turn into a seal . Enough to delight children, because this cartoon was made in the old-fashioned way, with passion and technique.

Among the animated films or cartoons to see or see again, Le Chant de le Mer is at the top of our favorites. And it is not the American giants of large animated film studios who will say the opposite: small studio films, made in international co-production, have as much or more value as the bulldozers of the middle.

Race result: choose two animated films for the evening with the kids, place yourself all under a small blanket and go into the magical world of Song of the Sea. The underwater landscapes are sumptuous : of all the films animated, you will be truly delighted with your choice with these sublime images drawn from the coast of Ireland.

6 — Zootopia

Zootopia is also known as Zootopia. It is one of the great classics of animated films at Disney Studios. Released at the cinema in 2016, he tells a story that takes place in a city like no other.

In this film, they are animals that live in the city of Zootopia! Here we follow the incredible adventures of each of the animal characters, remarkably drawn and developed in a synthetic image.

There are few films in which animals are kings . This is one of the movies that children can watch just like adults, without getting tired and without any worries. This genre can be classified as detective entertainment films, adapted to young audiences.

7 — The Little Prince

The list would not be complete without mentioning The Little Prince. This film is one of the French animated films that combine synthesis images and volume animation . Exceptional, for a film released in the cinema in 2015. The Little Prince is of course a free adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s book. Of all French animated films, it is one of the only ones to receive the César for Best Animated Film.

We discover the adventures of a little girl, who meets an aviator, and the Little Prince, who links them both in a touching story of poetry, friendship, humor and sensitivity . Emotions to goo in this film that marks the spirits, like all animated films that touch on the theme of friendship. To enjoy with the family, a whole weekend with the children.

8 — Wonder

Wonder is part movies to watch. Released in cinemas in 2017, Wonder tells the story of a little boy born with a malformation.

If you were looking for films with a philosophical tendency for children and also perfect for adults, look no further… We learn in this film the notion of tolerance, of course, according to the images that can remind many of the days of school… An adventure not to be missed, all in sensitivity and still very anchored in the real. Thanks to films and worlds of this kind, children and adults can identify with characters and evolve at the same time.

A kind of philosophical tale that makes it possible to tackle in films sometimes difficult themes such as difference or disease.

9 — The Bird Walker

This film is Franco-Chinese. He was released in the cinema in 201. It’s a A dramatic comedy that tells the story of an old man who returns to his childhood village. The journey is made with his granddaughter, to go free a bird — a promise made to his wife.

The Bird Walker is one of those films that are extremely touching because of the humanity that emerges from it . If you are looking for some films to awaken curiosity but also reflection in your children, look no further. The Walker d’Oiseau, behind his sweet poetry, makes much more misconceptions move than we think. A piece of jewellery not to be missed under any circumstances.

It is a path that is both physical and initiatory , in the image of each one’s journey. Ages merge, stories blend into a visual dance that will appeal to children and adults.

10 — Beauty and the Beast

The Belle et la Beast is an American film released in 2017. This is an adaptation of the animated film by the Disney Studios, released in 1991. Made with real shots of the original animated film , this film is obviously inspired by the tale of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont (1757).

We follow the adventure of the father of a young woman, a prisoner in the castle of the Beast. The young woman will then seek to take her place in an effort to liberate her father.

A beautiful story that this film, which proves thatfilial love is strong and can overcome fears. To see with the family with a good TV set!

11 — My Dog Lives

My Dog Lives was released at the movies in 2017. It is a film that does not leave insensitive because it touches the soul of animals . And if it’s a debate that can lend a smile, it is actually one of the films that dare to openly address the subject by staging a puppy (Bailey).

A real film delight in which we let ourselves soften and take away. What if the essentials were in the heart, deep in the soul, and not in the values that we gradually built up, sometimes so inhuman?

Of these films that make meditate young and old

12 — Heidi

The Adventures of Heidi? A great, very great classic. This film is not an animated film but indeed an adventure film, released in the cinema in 2016. He tells the story of Heidi, an eight-year-old orphan who goes to live in the mountains , at his grandfather’s home.

We don’t spoil you the rest, but if with your children you are looking for films that talk about tenderness, family, bond, nature, essentials and sweetness, with Heidi, you will be served.

Beyond fears, beyond the mounts and the wild aspect of this raw nature, an immense sweetness andtouching friendship of a lonely old man who learns to know his granddaughter.

13 — All on stage

2017, Tous en Scène comes out to the cinema and takes us into the world of theatre, singing, and animals in general. It is the animals that are kings in this film, as in many other films that are worth watching, for the relationship to animals .

You always wondered what a koala owner of a theater gave in a movie? You’re in the right place. The music in the film take you away and are stubborn… Let yourself be seduced by these very surprising films that are very pleasant to children — by the way!

14 — Rapunzel

Rapunzel is Rapunzel, this young woman with long hair… very long. From a German folk tale, Rapunzel was released in 2010, to the delight of little girls… But not that!

This princess is of a beauty that goes beyond understanding. Unfortunately, she is a prisoner of a witch in a dungeon and goes, upon her release, to discover the world…

It is with humor and brilliance that this animated film takes us with Rapunzel. Disney’s masterpiece, Rapunzel, however, has been a bit criticized for the slightly too naive image of the princess. In Disney movies, you will notice that in recent years, princesses are taking off the bottle! Perfect for showing kids what empathy is and the ability to put themselves in someone’s place to understand their point of view.

15 — Vice versa

Vice Versa is THE film to see if you need to put children in front of their emotions at some point in their child life. We discover endearing characters. The film, although released in the cinema in 2015, was quite old and is the 15th feature film by Pixar and Disney Studios.

We learn to tame emotions by following the path of a little girl named Riley. Riley lives all sorts of adventures, like any child. We are then embedded in his mind, with the funny emotions at the controls: Anger, Sadness, Joy, Disgust and Fear. Enough to launch a nice topic for discussion with children under the pretext of movie night or movies!

You know all about our selection : you just have to settle down comfortably and enjoy these films in family.

In our selection, you may find some of the movies on Netflix, others on DVD or paid streaming on official movie viewing platforms. Cinema and movies are wonderful ways to transport children into worlds of their own by pheasant passing messages. As the films and books travelled, children are forging their world , which will then enable them to implement their free will.

All to your movies! With your family, it’s an opportunity to enjoy a great time. Join Netflix or Prime Video for more movies. Good Christmas before the time!

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