The benefits and virtues of moonstone jewelry

Moonstone is nicknamed the stone of the goddessesits virtues and how to take care of his moonstone jewelry. This stone is associated with the clarity of the moon and some ancient civilizations thought it was created thanks to the rays of the moon. What are ? We tell you everything in this article!

Origin of the moonstone

Its scientific name is Hecatolite or Adulary. The first name refers to the goddess Hecate who is one of the 3 lunar goddesses .

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Adulary is related to Mount Adele which is the place where a moonstone deposit was discovered in1801. Its name in any case refers to the moon.

Psychic Benefits

Moonstone is first known for facilitating relations with others. It promotes exchanges and communication .

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Wearing a moonstone bracelet on the first day of your work will help you integrate into the group and communicate with others.

This stone is also beneficial to strengthen your couple and dialogue .

Moonstone is also known for reducing anxiety. By soothing you, it helps you calm your anxieties .

It is also useful for children who are prone to hyperactivity. If you wear a jewel with a moonstone, you will favor the circulation of positive thoughts and will discard negative emotions.

The moonstone is associated with foresight, it scatters toxic thoughts andhelps you to be clearer .

It is when our mind is clearer that we are able to make better decisions. We are more attentive to our intuition and we make more informed choices .

Emotions regain a better harmony and the mind gains in creativity .

The power of the moonstone

Moonstone stimulates and promotes a better intuition that is itself associated with the second chakra. Placed under the navel, this chakra influences the energy of the libido .

The sacred chakra actually concerns fertility and connection with people.

The stones to associate with the moonstone

Knowing the different properties of stones makes it possible to make the right associations and avoid stones that are incompatible. Thus, Amethyst and Aquamarine are spiritual stones like Moonstone .

Associated, they will stimulate your wisdom of mind and soothe you .

They are ideal stones to develop your intuitive energy and spirituality .

How to clean your moonstone jewellery?

Stones need to be washed and purified from accumulated energies . Your Moonstone will have absorbed your negative energies over the weeks.

It is therefore important to unload it in order to be able to benefit again from its benefits. In order to clean it properly, simply immerse it in spring water . Tap water is less recommended.

As for purification, you can lay your Moonstone where it will be exposed to the light of the moon .

A windowsill will be fine. It can recharge in a few hours but note that a full moon will bring it a more important energy .

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