Tarragona, a sublime city for campers

The campsites are the perfect accommodation options to stay in Spain during holidays. Tarragona is a beautiful city ideal for a camping trip. You can travel by motorhome to get on site. The area offers various pitches that can accommodate campers. Its charm and various tourist places will surely seduce you.

Tarragona, a beautiful and welcoming city

This city has many surprises for the enjoyment of visitors. Offering direct access to the Mediterranean Sea, it is a perfect place to relax. Passionate about ancient architecture will be easily seduced by the Tarragona. Built in the 12th century, the cathedral of Tarragona is a must-see monument adopting a transitional Gothic style. It has a facade with two large doors and a rosette. The cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions of the region.

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For its part, the Roman amphitheatre is well worth a visit. This oval building is a pure architectural marvel. With a capacity of 14,000 seats, it is a majestic place where the battles of the famous gladiators and the fawn forged the reputation of the Roman Empire once stood.

In a more modern atmosphere, the Rambla Nova, the main driveway of the city is characterized by the presence of numerous shops. This is the perfect place to shop. The square is lined with tree and beautifully decorated.

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Beaches Tarragona

When it comes to camping, you can’t forget the beaches. After visiting everything that characterizes Tarragona, you will also be attracted by the many squares existing in this area. A coastline of more than 15 km is available to you to fully enjoy the beautiful weather. The beaches of Tarragona invite complete relaxation. The fine golden sand that borders the coast welcomes holidaymakers for hours of sunbathing in the middle of an exceptional landscape.

You can enjoy the beaches Tarragona between June and September. Period during which it is good weather every day. The beaches available to holidaymakers include Arrabassada beach, Arboçar beach, Tamarit beach, Becs beach and Llarga beach.

The beaches Tarragona are almost deserted with very little tourist. The water is beautiful crystalline and shallow in some places for safe bathing. The beaches also offer an ecosystem varied. The marine species they contain are among the most exceptional on the planet. The region also abounds with species of seabirds. The beaches allow you to discover the natural richness of Tarragona.

The flora is not left behind with plant species that offer a beautiful landscape. Tarragona is perfect for camping. You can set up your camp in the middle of nature in authorized places. The area offers well-appointed campsites for travelers. But nothing prevents you from staying in a motorhome. Before renting a mobile home, discover the discount code Homair remisemobil-home.

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