Sun-loving climbing plants

In the garden there are many plants. Today, focus on climbers, these plants that rise and brighten up our terraces with their evergreen foliage and often flamboyant flowering. Sunsips, they grow happily on trellis and low walls. Follow the guide!

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  • Evergreen climbing plants
  • How to grow climbers?
    • Making your seedlings in the open ground
    • Mulching and watering
  • Which climbing plants to choose?
    • The nasturtium
    • The cobée
    • The bignone
    • The Spanish bean
    • The ipomée
    • Suzanne-aux-Noirs
    • The climbing abutilon
    • Star jasmine
    • The passionflower
  • Climbing plants: flowering the garden simply

Evergreen climbing plants

A climbing plant is often characterized by its evergreen foliage and not the fact that it is gel-like . Some climbing plants support a southern exposure very well and even need this supply of sun.

Warm and at the same time protected from the winds, climbing plants with evergreen leaves like trellis, arches, pergolas, arbors or wire mesh to clasp, wind up and offer you a beautiful flowering.

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It is common for climbers to be annual and perennial. They enjoy themselves in more drastic than usual growing conditions and can withstand the sun better than many other non-perennials.

How to grow climbing plants?

The climbing plant (with foliage sometimes as climbing), is grown as an annual plant. These perennials can sow from spring in buckets. If you have a greenhouse or frame, do not hesitate to use them, these plants will only be happier.

At the beginning of June or at the end of May, once the last risks of frosts have passed, they can be installed where you want them to grow and climb.

Making your seedlings in open ground

If the climate lends itself to it, it is quite possible to make your seedlings directly in the open ground. If you live in the South and do not risk any frost during the sowing period (late May to mid-June), try the experiment!

Seeds can be sown in poquet : put up to 5 seeds in a small hole that you will be careful to plug with the soil mixed with a rich compost and soil. Wait for the first shoots to be lifted: you will not keep than the prettiest seedlings . Others may be offered or restitched elsewhere.

Mulching and watering

To prevent climbing plants from damaging their evergreen foliage at the arrival of summer heat, mulch the land around the foot. Remains of dry grass mowing can quite do the trick. The first weeks after sowing, water well, regularly, so that the roots take shape and find their way deep.

Which climbing plants to choose?

We present you with a selection of sun-loving climbing plants: ideal to decorate a terrace and garden in a perennial way, with their remarkable flowering.


Queen of climbers, the climbing nasturtium has a beautiful foliage with radial ribs. recognizable with its rounded leaves and harmonious, the climbing nasturtium has a fiery bloom, with its own orange and red.

Nasturtium can quite cover a floor without climbing, it all depends on what you are looking for as an aesthetic effect. This climber loves the sun and grows annually , but also as an edible plant. Try flowers and leaves in salad!

The cobey

The cobee is a climber in the spotlight all around the Mediterranean. Its foliage is persistent if the cobee is well protected in winter, with a curing for example. The cobee is one of the climbing plants that have fragrant and sought-after flowers , in the purple-green.

The bignone

This climbing plant adapts to many environments, as long as it has good sun exposure. The light it receives is directly responsible for flowering process . The bignone can be found in various varieties, in orange flowers or in roses, more widespread.

Plant your bignone at the foot of an arch, and you’ll see that this perennial copes to offer you flowering bushes in no time.

The bean from Spain

Bean, regardless of its variety, is a well-known liana : why not enjoy it and grow it as a flowering perennial plant? The Spanish bean is perfect if you need to make a small flower bush or pergola provided. With its red flowers that give birth to soft and browning pods, the Spanish bean embellishes the flower season with its sustained colourful touches.

Another climber who will be happy in a sunny place while redoing your decoration!

The Ipomey

The ipomey is also called volubilis of gardens . It is often found in the gardens and on the terraces so it is simple to maintain and superb. Its flowering manifests itself in the form of corollas of various colors, pink, blue or red, with a recognizable white heart.

This climber can climb up to 3 meters high on trellis or arch and is very robust by adapting to any support. You can install strings or twine, it will please it and find the way to climb. Flowering is continuous with the ipomeus, a real treat for the eyes between June and December.

The Suzanne-aux-Black-Eyes

Here’s another climber who enjoys the sun. The Suzanne-aux-Yeux-Noirs has yellow-orange flowers with a black heart that bring a little wild side to the corner where it clings. Flowered from June to October, it has evergreen foliage that holds easily winter provided it wintered. This climbing plant is also a perennial grown as an annual, which loves to climb on any medium.

Climbing Abutilon

Also known as the Rio Grande abutilon, this climber is also well known and prized for its ability to climb and beautify any terrace. This liana from America is hardy and resists negative temperatures well. Do not hesitate to grow it in open ground from the beginning.

Choose for abutilon any shoot support and let it grow and find its marks. With a sunny place, it will please as much on wall as on palisade or arch . Enjoy its yellow petals and stamens with red colors. If you live in a region with a mild climate, the abutilon can even bloom all year round.

Star jasmine

King of climbers, jasmine smells good, is charming and discreet with its small white flowers. star jasmine is also called false-jasmine and offers evergreen foliage but needs to be monitored in case of hot heat . If this climber loves the sun, it needs to have the roots cool as much as possible in times of drought, at the risk of wither away.


Here is a climber that develops in all its glory with beautiful blue flowers, on any sunny wall or on trellis. Some varieties of blue passionflower are not hardy enough and can’t stand to be in cooler geographic areas , so check this criterion on your passionflower before buying it as seedlings or seeds for sowing.

Climbing plants: bloom the garden

With all these examples of climbing plants, you just have to try to decorate your garden in a very simple way. On trellis, arch, wall, teepee or pergola, make a real paradise with climbing plants insimply love with desoleil.

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