Split nails: treatment and solution

We show all the colors to our nails: poor quality varnish, dishes, food, deficiencies and various activities… Our nails sometimes split, causing an unpleasant aesthetic imbalance. How to care for splitting nails? Here are some treatment paths for daily nail care.

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  • Why do nails split?
    • Watch out for low-end polishes and solvents
  • How to get rid of splitting nails?
    • Nail care: a whole art

Why do nails split?

Nails split for various reasons. Each nail consists of a type of keratin, manufactured by our body and our cells according to the intake of vitamins, amino acids and minerals present in our food. As part of a balanced diet program and rich in various intakes, natural keratin production is possible and allows the nails not to split and grow in complete uniformity.

Split nails are often associated with deficiency (or several deficiencies ), but also with external aggressions . Tableware, household products and chemicals, very frequent contact with water… Nails are subjected daily to aggression that weaken them. These recurring weaknesses can make nails either brittle or soft. If they become brittle, the most common risk is to see a nail splitting.

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Attention to low-end varnishes and solvents

In addition, some low-end polishes do more harm than good to our nails. Used with aggressive solvents, they strongly contribute to weakening the nails, which then gradually split. But don’t panic! Seeing your nails splitting can be troublesome, but nevertheless, splitting nails is a message. Your body speaks to you, and this natural reaction of nails is not irreversible.

How to get rid of splitting nails?

There are, of course, good habits to take to prevent a nail from spunting. Often, when a nail shows the first signs of fragility and it begins to split, one sits on the hardening varnish. The varnishes indicated for the treatment of splitting nails are interesting (especially hardening varnish), but you should know that they treat a symptom .

Returning to the cause of nail splitting is paramount. Whether it’s your daily habits, your diet, the choice of your varnishes and solvents, the use of household products without taking gloves (so to say)… Your nails are in pain and need a little tender loving care, as our English-speaking counterparts say! Yes , nail care is essential, upstream.

Nail care: a whole art

Which solutions work and which treatment is best suited to stop nail embrittlement? And most importantly, how to solve the problem of splitting nails by tackling the cause and not the signs of splitting?

The following list oftips and tips can help you take care of your nails:

  • Use of olive oil, argan oil or a suitable oil to moisturize and nourish the nail
  • Hardener nail polish for brittle nails
  • Nail Food Supplements Hair and keratin-based
  • hair Various and varied beauty products for the care and health of hands and nails
  • Lanolin creams for skin and nails
  • Supplementation of vitamins, amino acids and minerals
  • Regular use of a file
  • Manicure and pedicure care, etc.

As you will understand, the best way to take care of the nail and prevent your nails from splitting is to adopt better beauty and health habits every day, whether in internal or external care (nail aggressions).

A nail will be sensitive to any improvement in terms of food and use of products. Every week, observe each nail if needed: changing your beauty and health habits, you will see the change week after week.

Good to know : for the care of the nail, any product or food rich in vitamin E is beneficial. Besides, avoid acetone and formaldehyde in cosmetics: the health of your nails depends on it!

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