SPB sampling: what is it?

Looking at your latest account statements, you discover an SPB debit and wonder what it might be. You don’t know this organization. Be aware that this corresponds to the purchase of insurance. We will give you customer service contact details, different ways to contact insurance, a template for a cancellation letter and everything that is best to know about this charge.

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SPB: Information about this company © iStock

SPB is a company that markets everyday insurance products. Considered the leader in Europe, it offers insurance products for individuals, such as banks, mobile phones, banks, life events, boarding houses, health, energy, leisure, travel, household products or nomadic products.

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These insurances are often marketed by traders, with structures that sell mobile or fixed phone contracts. Be Cautious when signing contracts or buying these products you do not have this insurance at the same time. Time involuntarily.

SPB insurance offers

This insurance offers different contracts in different areas:

Mobile phone insurance:

SPB assures you against breakage, theft or loss of your mobile phone. This is an insurance that is taken out of the brand from which you bought your phone or the bank.

New Technology Products Insurance:

It covers various products such as: tablets, game consoles, laptops or stationary computers, cameras… It guarantees you against theft, breakage, oxidation, fraudulent use by reimbursing yourself, repairing the device or by the substitute.

Insurance of your means of payment:

It ensures the reimbursement of all fraudulent transactions that may take place from your credit card, in case of loss or theft.

Electricity, water and gas insurance:

It compensates for the costs associated with water damage or gas leakage, as well as electricity problems.

Leisure and travel insurance:

If you have to cancel your trip for reasons stipulated in the contract, you will be reimbursed by SPB.

Borrower insurance:

In the case of a real estate loan, you can take out your loan insurance with SPB.

SPB throughput: Why were you debited? © iStock

Wondering why do you have SPB deductions when you don’t insurance at home? Here are some reasons that may explain these samples:

This insurance has been the subject of a hidden subscription , namely that at the time of signing the contract, your mobile operator sold you this insurance at the same time, which protects you against breakage or theft.

Your spouse may have taken out this insurance without telling you. Debits are then debited to your joint account, but not knowing it, you may be surprised to see these debits appear.

Sometimes someone else impersonates your identity and your BIN and has signed a contract on your behalf.

PRLV SEPA SPB MDT: what does this mean?

If you see the SEPA SPB MDT PRLV on your bank account and you don’t know who the money is for and why it has been removed, it’s actually quite simple. PRLV SEPA SPB MDT means that a SEPA SPB direct has been invoiced and therefore you are a subscriber of an SPB insurance contract . It is certainly related to products such as water, electricity, gas, new technologies, telephony, certain financial products, a real estate loan, a trip or leisure or your means of payment. You may have taken out this insurance perfectly against your will because the seller ticks the corresponding box. And even if you have done it knowingly and want to end it, it is quite possible.

For more information, it is best to contact the insurance in question directly, who can explain who contracted the insurance.

Termination approaches : practical information and useful contacts

Once you know what this insurance product relates to and which entity may have you enrolled in this contract, you will need to contact the entity in question directly. The following is a list of merchants or organizations with whom this insurance may have been taken out. You send your cancellation letter to the address concerned:

Insurance underwritten by Auchan : Mobile insurance termination SPB Auchan Insurance service 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

For insurance purchased via Bouygues Telecom : SPB — Bouygues Telecom mobile insurance 76 095 LE HAVRE Cedex You can do so by phone at: 0 970 820 306 or abroad 33 970 820 306. By e-mail to the e-mail address: spb-bouyguestelecom@spb.eu.

For insurance subscribed to BNP Paribas : SPB — Mobileo 2 Service Mobile Termination Assurance 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

For insurance underwritten by Darty : SPB — Mobile Product Insurance Darty Service Cessation 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

For insurance subscribed to Crédit agricole : SPB — Any mobile insurance termination of service 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

For insurance subscribed to FNAC : SPB — Mobile Products Insurance Fnac Termination of service 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

For insurance purchased at SFR : SPB — SFR Membership Service 76 095 Le Havre cedex

For insurance underwritten by LCL : SPB — Contract Assurance Tous Portable LCL 71, quai Colbert 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

For insurance underwritten by Thélem Insurance : SPB — Service Thélem insurance Termination of service 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

Cancellation of FNAC insurance Show: SPB Cancellation of service FNAC Spectacles 71 quai Colbert CS 90000 76 095 Le Havre Cedex

Contact SPB Insurance Customer Service: address and phone © iStock

Here are a few ways to get in touch with them :

  • Contact an SPB advisor directly from the Internet by clicking on this link: Contact — SPB
  • Follow SPB on Twitter and send them a message: Twitter SPB Insurance

Call customer service through this number: 02 32 74 20 20 .

By mail : send a letter to the SPB Consumer Service at this address:SPB Insurance 71, quai Colbert 76 095 Le Havre

Please note that in case of termination, you must send a registered letter with a acknowledgement of receipt

Free SPB Insurance Termination Letter Template

Your first name and surname

Your address

Your postal code and your city

Subject: Request termination of my SPB insurance contract no. xxx

Madam, sir,

By this letter, I ask you to terminate my SPB insurance with my telephone operator (indicate the name of the operator). My customer number is XXX (indicate your customer number)

Thank you, Madam President, for expressing my distinguished greetings.

LAST NAME, First Name


SPB insurance, like any affinity insurance, that is, signed with merchants who sold you the mobile, for example, is governed by Hamon law. Therefore, at the time of signing, you will commit to a minimum period of one year. However, you have a withdrawal period of 14 days if this insurance is duplicated. For example, you set the phone with your credit card and it already covers your phone as part of the purchase. So you don’t need that insurance. You then have 14 days to unsubscribe, and you must receive a document asking you to verify that this insurance does not duplicate.

Then you will have to wait until the 12-month period is allowed to end. Once this period has elapsed, you can terminate your SPB insurance at no cost . You simply have to comply with one month’s notice or wait until the 13th month. From the 13th month, you can terminate your contract at any time. It should be noted that the insurer has a deadline one month for the termination to be effective. For this reason, you must send your letter in registered form with an authentic acknowledgement.

If you find that the fees continue despite the cancellation letter, you can contact the insurance again and since you have received your registered shipment, you will have no difficulty making your voice heard.

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