Société Générale Particuliers: Customer Code and Secret Code, what

2 codes are required to access theIndividual Client Area of Société Générale : the customer code and the secret code.

  • The Customer Code is entered on the service contract of Distance Banking Société Générale Individuals .
  • The Secret Code is received by mail at your home, no later than 8 days after the subscription to the contract of the Société Générale Individuels Distance Bank.

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To change the secret code of your account at Société Générale, if you have the mobile app, go to the URL

Enter your old PIN code and you can choose a new PIN.

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If you are on your computer, go to where the Société Générale interface first ask you for your customer code, then enter the process of changing the secret code:

Otherwise, you can also go through your agency.

Credit card secret code Société Générale

To choose the secret code for your credit card (which is a code different from the application code and access to the Société Générale account), Société Générale sends you your credentials by mail. Upon receipt of the mail, you have 12 calendar days to choose your code.

The secret code is selected by phone at 0 892 892 020.

A letter confirms acceptance of your choice and the availability of your new credit card.

Your card is made as soon as you choose yourcode.

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