Snow chains and snow tires: our tips for choosing

Are you planning to go to the mountains this winter and you don’t know which snow tire models to choose or which brands of chains offer the best quality? Follow the guide, we take a tour of the criteria to take into account when you want to buy quality snow chains or snow tires.

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  • models of snow chains and winter tires to prefer How to
  • choose your snow chains?
  • All the advantages of the snow chain
    • Safety: better grip on the road
      • Sometimes mandatory equipment
    • Winter tires snow chains: an ergonomics studied
    • The price of snow chains: not that expensive
  • What snow chains to choose?
    • Michelin snow chains: quality The
  • different types of snow chains Where to
  • find chains to snow and winter tires
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Models of snow chains and winter tires to give preference

Because winter is a particularly harsh season, motorists must be aware of weather conditions and knowingly equip their vehicles . Among the practical winter accessories and equipment for the car are of course the snow chain and the winter tire.

This car equipment is a must for any car intended to ride in the snow or on a snowy road. Motorists then have the choice, depending on the weather conditions, between snow chains and winter tires. These two products are completely different but both allow to have control of the vehicle on the road in snowy weather. Sometimes it is even necessary to be equipped with both to ensure that they remain at a higher level of vigilance.

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How to choose your snow chains?

Car chains are available in various models and many brands offer products. How to choose snow chains or winter tires? Is it essential to invest in both? What are the big differences between the different models of snow chains and how to know which one to choose?

Writing helps you make your choice based on criteria that should guide you. All our tips are below: don’t panic, you will find winter tires and snow chains totally adapted to your needs.

All the advantages of the snow chain

For your car and in the middle of winter, nothing better than excellent equipment to travel safely and without feeling like losing control of the vehicle every 2 meters. Yes, snow remains dangerous, and sometimes simple winter tires are not enough with their grip.

First and foremost, the snow chain is used to guarantee your safety. By preventing the vehicle from skidding on the road, all the passengers in the car are reassured. Installing snow chains on your car tires before heading on a road that can be quickly snowy is an anticipation that you must have as a responsible motorist.

Safety: better grip on the road

Snow chains significantly increase the grip of the tire to the road. The wheels of the vehicle are chained and surrounded by these chains, which under the weight of the car sink into the snow and reach asphalt or bitumen. You are sure not to skid and be able to advance serene on the road, while taking great precautions with speed and turns.

With an increased grip of 300%, snow chains do their safety work on the vehicle. The driver adjusts his way of driving , of course, when the vehicle is equipped with snow chains and winter tires. Sudden acceleration and braking is prohibited and it is strongly advised not to exceed a speed of 50 km/h.

Equipment sometimes compulsory

If you live in certain regions of France prone to bad weather and especially frequent snowfall, winter tires and snow chains are sometimes mandatory to avoid any risk of skating.

For example, when skiing holidays, it is advisable to never leave without snow chains, and to mount your winter tires so that your wheels are ready. Be aware that some passes are prohibited to vehicles not having adequate equipment such as snow tires or snow chains.

Winter tires snow chains: ergonomics studied

The snow chain is a particularly ergonomic equipment designed to be adapted to the circumstances. It takes up little space in winter, sports, and travel affairs. As soon as you need them, take your snow chains out of the trunk and install them very simply.

Installation of snow chains is much simpler than legend suggests. Even in the middle of a blizzard, you’ll only have a few minutes to adapt them to your tyres and car wheels. Once snow chains have been purchased, it is always recommended to practice placing them on the wheels, in order to know what gestures to do on D-Day.

The price of snow chains: not so expensive

If we take in account the safety criterion, nothing beats investing in good pairs of snow chains. You save money since snow chains can be installed on summer tires. Of course, it is advisable to change your tires and install winter tires, but this is not indispensable.

You also avoid, thanks to the snow chains, to go to your car garage to change the 4 wheels of your vehicle. When you know the price of a ski holiday, every euro (EUR) can be useful to save!

Which snow chains to choose?

The criteria that will help you make your choice of snow chains are above all quality, price… and of course, the quality/price ratio . The bonus of the criteria of choice will be the ease and speed of installation of these channels. The mounting system on your tires or wheels should be intuitive and quickly executable.

Some products such as the snow chains of the brand König Thule are ultra-simple to adapt: you only need a few seconds. This brand offers a quality product, with a size of 10 mm and an optional system that prevents scratches from the rims of your wheels. All you have to do is choose the right model for your tires. He indicated that the brands of manufacturers of snow chains offer all standard sizes.

Michelin snow chains: quality

Michelin often stands out on its tires and their quality, the same applies to its snow chains. The chain tension is often manual on Michelin brand models, but this does not in any way detract from the quality of the product in terms of safety.

The Michelin brand offers snow chains fully compatible with the new systems ESP and ABS, including the Extreme Grip 64 technology developed by the Michelin group. With an excellent fit of everything, you can safely go skiing or in the mountains with your vehicle.

Attention : snow chains should not be confused with snow socks, a completely different product.

Different types of snow chains

There are several types of snow chains: the manual tension snow chain and the automatic tension snow chain. These two types of snow chains offer the same degree of safety. The big difference will lie in the mounting of the chains on the wheels of the car.

Whether you choose manual or automatic tension snow chains, safety is the same and the investment you make prevents you from having an accident due to skid or skid uncontrolled. It is important to make a quality purchase in order to be sure to keep with yourself a game of snow chains that lasts.

Important : if you think that your vehicle will only be dedicated to traffic in winter, it is strongly advised to have it ensured. A temporary insurance for the winter can do the trick and make you ride safely.

Where to find snow chains and winter tires

Snow chains can now be found in specialty stores and on the internet, on online sales and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. On the online platform you will find winter tires, manual tension snow chains and automatic tension snow chains.

‘s up to you to see what you think is most convenient for you when you’re going to take the road before heading to altitude with the family vehicle. Because it would be a pity to spoil the holiday in winter sports, make the right choice and first of all opt for the quality It of the product.

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