Should we still marry in white in the 21st century?

The notion of marriage has evolved over time and is now defined according to each epoch. However, we keep some misconceptions such as that of the wedding dress of white color. The idea of the bride dressed in white remained like a tradition that is constantly perpetuated. When you think that in the 21st century everything we have known in the past is affected by change, one asks ourselves a question. We finally wonder if we should always marry in white in the 21st century.

White, a matter of tradition

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Wedding dress of white color is first of all a matter of tradition. The very first marriages in history were done with white dresses as a sign of purity. Over the generations, the fold was therefore taken. Contrary to the ideas that have been conveyed, no religion requires the wearing of any color for the wedding . No matter what color of dress is wearing your choice, you will be able to find a cheap wedding dress. Do not forget that the wedding dress of a bride must first please her, this is the main thing. Color is just a detail.

If even today ladies prefer to stay in a classic spirit and marry in white, it is just to honor tradition . As for the question of whether to marry in white in the twenty-first century, the answer is found.

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The 21st century, the era of great change

Although in the 21st century most brides were still dressed in a white dress, the trend is gradually reversing. Some brides no longer hesitate to dare to color. For those who are not afraid of the external look, they even go so far as daring a black dress. Hardly believable isn’t it? Still, leading wedding dress designers like Vera WANG offer black wedding dresses in their collections.

If for some black is very daring, they can turn their choice to a large palette of colors. You have pink, red, gold, silver, etc. The 21st century has brought into hearts a long wave of change and a lot of things go through it. So there is no reason to remain in the classics . Modernity has taken over our daily lives, as much as living according to its time.

It will not be said that you should not marry in white in the 21st century, but it will be said that you are not afraid of being judged. The concept of the wedding dress of white color will never fade. Not because it represents a tradition, but because white is a sign of goodness and of purity . Using a white dress is for some people, the way to leave on good bases for the celebrated wedding.

The advice we can give you is to choose sober colors, if you ever decide to dare the colors. If, on the other hand, you want to stay classic, be aware that the white wedding dress has not lost itseffect.

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