Set up a garden to the north

Is your garden facing north? No worries, adjustments are possible. Many small enclosed green spaces and private gardens are exposed by the force of things to the north. The north offers little sunlight during the day, it is necessary to resort to small tricks to nevertheless develop a nice little garden to the north.

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  • Garden in the north and in the shade: choose your plants
  • North/shade: less flowers, more mineral
  • A garden to the north: our deco tips
    • Sculpture, furniture, garden mobiles

Garden in the north and in the shade: choose its plants

The first thing to do is to choose your outdoor plants well. To the impossible no one is held: a garden in the north and in the shade does not mean that you will not be able to grow anything. Shadow plants love the garden in the north and in the shade. Same if outside your house you have a shaded terrace to the north, which you want to beautify.

First of all, you should know that a terrace or garden to the north and in the shade will give much less flowers than a garden/terrace/balcony with better exposure. Set up a nice space that will serve as a garden in the shade and choose your shade plants accordingly.

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Good to know : a garden to the north can accommodate plants that require little water (except hydrangeas). Watering will not be necessary as often as in a garden with a southern, east or west exposure.

North-Shade: Less Flowers, More Mineral

Do not expect to see all your plants bloom: how to do, then, to have a nice little Zen and green space ? The goal will be to focus your decoration on a mineral look, for example, or rather underwood atmosphere. Plants and mineral decorations that lend themselves with pleasure to these atmospheres include:

  • fern;
  • fuchsia;
  • hydrangea;
  • Camellia;
  • rhododendron;
  • Philodendron;
  • The ficus;

Zen spaces are to be preferred to recreate an appreciable atmosphere. A garden is not just flowers! Plants can be combined with decorative elements that combine mineral and organic:

  • A mini-zen fountain;
  • White pebbles to lay out;
  • Floating timber;
  • Suspended mobile (plants and/ or stones, etc.)

For a terrace or a balcony corner, your small Japanese Zen garden can be quite open.

A garden to the north: our tips Deco

If your garden is mostly exposed to the north, then be aware that you will have less maintenance, because unfortunately, the grass will grow hard. You can opt for a good quality synthetic turf . This will recreate an atmosphere while making your life easier.

it comes to trees, shrubs, flowering plants, vegetable potential in full shape, or plants with exotic foliage, forget… In the northern part of your garden, if you have space, imagine a real mineral space made with naturalmaterials When .

Sculpture, furniture, garden mobile

A place in the shade can, however, be enhanced with pretty stone borders , furniture or colored carvings. A space with slate or shale plates can also embellish your garden at north.

Feel free to bet on garden carving, with hanging wooden mobiles, painted elements, furniture or even wrought iron sculptures. Thus, your garden is balanced and can be transformed into an art gallery, with a pleasant course to follow, between shade and sun. Why not opt for a real small Japanese pavilion , with games reserved for children.

A pond can also be of the best effect: however, make sure that if possible it can be half-shade, especially if you put fish in it.

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