Sea of salt: a magical place lost in Argentina

Argentina has its own solid flat salt with Salinas Grandes. A vast expanse of salt in the northern region of Argentina, 126 kilometers from Purmamarca and 190 kilometers from San Salvador at the boundary between the provinces of Salta and Jujuy with a total extension of 212 square kilometers. You will be amazed by so much beauty and authenticity of this corner of Argentina. To take a closer look at the greatness of the Sea of Salt in Argentina, you need to move around and make a small stay in this beautiful country. Discovery

A large salt space

Salinas Grandes, a massive salt desert covering thousands of square meters, is located between Salta and Jujuy, the provinces of northwestern Argentina. The area was once a lake, but since it dried up, all the salt has been concentrated there. Considered the third large salt space in the expanding world, after Uyuni (Bolivia) and Salar de Arizaro (Salta, Argentina). Today, this natural space remains dedicated to the extraction of salt, local salt craftsmen dedicate themselves to the elaboration of their creations on salt blocks under extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

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That’s why they’re all covered to protect their body, face and head during their hard work. Random mounds of dispersed salts hide ongoing mining activities. To get to Salinas Grandes, you can take the Purmamarca road up to an altitude of up to 13,000 feet… And then finally when you arrive at an altitude of about 11,000 feet, there is a long stretch of road leading to a breathtaking white field leading to straight to the salt apartments.

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An unprecedented experience

The salty landscape is surreal, with a building built entirely of salt slabs and brownish salt furniture set up similar to church benches. A series of small pools were cut on the surface of salt marshes, revealing a layer of water and freshly formed crystals underneath. Remember to bring with you during your visit to this mythical place a camera, hat, water, sunscreen, sunglasses, because the whiteness of the salt is blinding.

At the top of 13,000 feet, stunning can be at the appointment, it is necessary to provide for the necessary. On-site guides will make you discover the full extent of this space. The vast plains White ones offer a dazzling spectacle and allow you to take mind-blowing photos. The uniform landscape allows you to play with perspectives in a humorous way. You can also bring back memories by filling jars with salt to give them to your loved ones or friends.

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