Scandinavian style: create your Nordic decor

The Nordic style has emerged in interior decoration and has been able to seduce individuals and great decorators. And for good reason: with its natural wood atmosphere, soft patterns and a theme that is generally very close to nature, the Scandinavian style revives the interiors. We explain what accessories must have at home to create your Scandinavian decor.

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  • Scandinavian decor: a state of mind
  • A deco close to nature
  • Wooden furniture
  • A Nordic decor with patterned cushions
  • A carpet in beastskin (faux fur)
  • Choosing metal fixtures
  • Design and contemporary art
  • Curtains: a cozy atmosphere
  • Graphic aspect
  • Interior decoration trends

Scandinavian decor: a state of mind

When we think of the Scandinavian style, we have in mind interiors with a clean, restrained, simple and airy decoration . Light and light tones, soft patterns and pastel shades very close to nature.

All this seduces because it’s not just a matter of decoration. It is also a philosophy of life, a state of mind. By creating its clean interior yourself, it is a bias you make, softness, serenity but also contemporary design.

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A deco close to nature

The Nordic countries, be it Sweden, Norway, Finland or even Denmark, all have in common that they have remained close to everything that is natural. This is felt in interior decoration, with very restrained tones, soft atmospheres and atmospheres that are not visually overloaded.

We navigate in light shades: wood, white, ecru, light gray… All subtly arranged to make a perfect Nordic lounge. We give you all the tricks to make your own decor Scandinavian or Nordic style .

Wooden furniture

No perfect Nordic decor without wood furniture! Wood reminds us of nature, respect for the environment, values that are dear to the Scandinavian countries. The use of rather raw materials is therefore recommended in any Scandinavian decor. For your Nordic style, it is the furniture and accessories of light wood that will be preferred.

You can create a Nordic living room with ease simply by changing the nature of your furniture. Opt for solid wood , including fir or pine, wood species that are frequently found in Scandinavian countries.

Among the perfect accessories for a Nordic decor and a Scandinavian style living room, you can example bet on:

  • Chairs with a clean design and style;
  • Stools made of logs or wooden trunks;
  • A design sofa made of light wood;
  • exposed beams in your interior;
  • A large table of solid wood;
  • A coffee table made of solid wood, with mini pull-out models;

A Nordic decor with patterned cushions

By adding patterned cushions at home, you can quite create your Scandinavian atmosphere. Choose pastel colors and fine geometric patterns and you can recreate a design, contemporary and fresh atmosphere.

Cushions are generally available in many models and shapes. Some floral or natural patterns can catch the eye while giving off the softness of Nordic interiors.

On a sofa, on the kitchen chairs or on a bed, these Cushions can also bring their design touch by being placed on the floor with fake animal skins. Make your own small seating area cozy and cozy. Ideal for moments of reading, relaxing. Taking time is a real way of living for Scandinavian cultures.

A beastskin rug (faux fur)

Yes, if nature is in the spotlight in Scandinavian interiors, you can quite include a beast skin in the form of a carpet. A beautiful, cozy white carpet in the middle of your new Nordic living room can create the desired effect.

Keep shades of gray, white, ecru and cream, to maintain sobriety and softness. Remember: the presence of bright color contrasts can have the opposite effect to the desired one. Your Scandinavian decor must meet certain basic criteria. You can However include some warm colors in order to stand out your style.

In the Scandinavian countries, the night is very present and the need to compensate with a few touches of joyful colors is palpable. Simply avoid overly screaming visual contrast.

Choosing metal fixtures

Metal is also in the spotlight in Nordic decor. For your Scandinavian living room, feel free to opt for copper , a metal that will bring some warmth to your home. The contrast with the sobriety and tones of the rest of your decor finally creates a beautiful harmony, especially with the light wood.

The use of candles in addition to your lighting fixtures is recommended for yesterday’s parties, in order to perfect the Nordic atmosphere and the Scandinavian style of your living room decor. Garlands will also be welcome to give the extra touch to all your design living room decoration.

Design and contemporary art

Design is at the center of today’s decorating styles, and the Scandinavian style does not escape the rule. Including very designer objects or contemporary art, made of metal or wood, will be a great way to emphasize the modern look of your living room , while knowing it very typical of Nordic decorations.

The retro or vintage style also blends very well with the Nordic style. You can already play on object assemblies. You get an original living room style, between cocooning and modernity.

Curtains: a cozy atmosphere

There is nothing like to recreate this famous cocooning atmosphere than to lay curtains that feel the whole atmosphere. Opt for a slight touch of colour that will come raise the sobriety of the rest of the decor. A past pink or a light orange can be quite suitable for this. Stay in beige, light brown, soft and warm colored pastels in spite of everything.

Transparent fabrics are just as welcome as thick blackout curtains, if shades are properly chosen.

The graphic aspect

After geometric patterned cushions, you can also include some very graphic patterns on printed textiles or on a carpet. This trend came straight to us from the countries of Scandinavian culture and has adapted quite well to the wishes of the French.

On the walls, opt for posters (sparingly) reminiscent of this graphic side. Finally, make reminders of patterns with dishes and utensils, if you want to go even further and make “All-in-One” in Scandinavian decor.

Decoration trends

In terms of interior design, all styles evolve: don’t overdo it, but just enough to make your Nordic living room a little haven of peaceIndoor that will relieve the look instantly.

Your style and tastes take precedence. If the offer available in decoration stores does not satisfy you, feel free to create it yourself by making DIY objects.

Accessories, furniture, fabrics, cushion covers … You have the opportunity to make your interior decoration a perfect harmonious interior. Choose the middle between what looks beautiful and what seems essential in your new decor.

Finally, be aware that by chilling vintage chairs and armchairs, you have the option to retype them or redo the cane to go with your candinavian style.

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