Scandinavian decoration: make a Nordic decor

In interior decoration, the Scandinavian style is increasingly sought after. Clean, sober, comfortable and warm at the same time, the Scandinavian interior has everything to please. We give you some tips to make your home or interior a true little Nordic paradise.

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  • Deco: why this success?
    • The success of color and pattern
    • A return to chic sobriety Scandinavian
  • culture invites you to your home
  • Making its Scandinavian decor: ideas
  • Scandinavian decor: an atmosphere and a style

Scandinavian decor: why this success?

The Scandinavian decor has been a great success over the last few decades. Furniture in raw and light wood, clean interior , sober decor, light and breathable style in interior decoration. But how to explain such a success and certain enthusiasm for decor and Scandinavian style?

The success of color and pattern

While the interior design has evolved well, it has gone through several phases in recent years. The color was first of all strongly invited itself in the decoration and in the houses.

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The interior style has changed, adorning itself with patterns, shapes and bright shades. Furniture, sofas, cushions, curtains, dishes, carpets, curtains … The color was queen and was available on all interior decoration objects.

A return to chic sobriety

But after the arrival of color, a need for sobriety was imposed. A return to a clean, sober, unoverloaded and less ostentatious style. So simple interiors were born, inspired straight from Scandinavian decoration. Raw wood, lots of white, sober style, centered design around the living room.

The Nordic atmosphere pleases . Its colors are rather natural, referring to the environment of the Scandinavian countries. Few bright colors, but on the contrary, shades approaching ecru, pastels, light wood.

Scandinavian culture invites you to

Scandinavian culture attracts for several reasons:

  • It is a philosophy of life (hÿgge );
  • The Scandinavian countries are surrounded by;
  • Scandinavian cultures reflect an image of simplicity , mastery, maturity and consciousness;
  • More than an atmosphere, it is also an art of living , a joy, stress free and confident;

Scandinavian cultures include Denmark and Norway, Sweden and Finland. These are cultures close to nature, which give off a certain fascination and admiration.

Making his Scandinavian decor: ideas

Are you inspired by the Scandinavian decor? Review all the style of your home and make yourself a real cocoon. Some decor ideas for your Nordic interior and living room:

  • A sober floor, preferably wooden;
  • Carpets in a natural style, such as a fake white beast skin or cotton;
  • From natural furniture: your furniture should keep natural shades, restrained style, clean lines;
  • A simple sofa, on wooden legs;
  • A solid wood table in the center;
  • Stools made of rolled wood stumps or logs;
  • Cushions in pastel hues, soft patterns;
  • Light fixtures that evoke sobriety and sun, etc.
  • Wooden mirrors;
  • Curtains made of natural materials: linen, cotton…

Of all these ideas, everything is good to take for remake your own interior Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian decor: an atmosphere and style

Far from you the idea of accumulating objects to make your interior and your Scandinavian decor. If you are ready to start from scratch, treat yourself and trade your old decor for a resolutely clean style.

It has been proven that our living environment plays on our well-being . Thus, the style of habitat we choose has implications for our way of being and doing things. An atmosphere is quickly created by a few decorative objects.

By the way, the Scandinavian decor style is affordable in terms of price. So, will you also fall for a brand new Scandinavian decoration and for a Nordic living room?

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