Running program: define a training plan

Do you have the idea of participating in a departmental marathon, a regional running race or a trail? It is essential to define a training plan, to be as efficient as possible and to be sure to progress until D-Day.

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  • Marathon, trail and running training
    • Build your one-year training plan
      • Trail and running: how to do your recovery and training?
      • Marathon and trail: the goals of training in one year
  • The goal of a trail training plan: victory
    • The phases of your training plan at a marathon or trail
  • Want a new race on foot/a marathon/a trail?

Training in Marathon, Trail and Running

To prepare and follow your sessions training in a marathon or any race on foot, you will need to respect a discipline, improve your endurance, and most importantly, a good dose of patience week after week. A serious training focused on proactivity and performance is built. We give you tips here to develop your training plan .

Build your training plan over one year

When you run, you usually know we go. Well for a training plan, the number of sessions and their spread over a week or more, the same applies. Plan your goals: the basis is to stick to these same goals.

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By following your plan and sessions, you know that you want to progress. The quality and regularity of your workouts will of course prevail over their quantity.

Trail and running: how to do your recovery and training?

If you haven’t been running for a little while, the recovery will be important. No need to put all your motivation and time on a recovery in strength. You will run out of breath in the long run and will not hold. The recovery phase is smooth , it is not a myth.

Choose your week of recovery and schedule your sessions so that their frequency is regular. Since the body is not a machine, it is necessary to re-set the mechanisms one by one with patience , under pain of breakdown. The number of minutes and VMA sessions (or short split session) will not be significant: again, it is the frequency of the exercise that will make the difference.

Marathon and trail: the goals of training in one year

You set your goals: only workouts, or a year punctuated with a few small races, to get back in the bath. According to your habits, make yourself a real training agenda.

After the annual break of running, place therefore for the smooth recovery, which will spread over a month or even two months. Remember: the fun dimension is essential in running. It is certainly not the number of kilometers that will count, but the way in which you are going to do them. Eliminate the coasts of your recovery route, choosefirm terrain andstraight lines .

The goal of a trail training plan: victory

The goal is to strengthen its capabilities in the long run: in a week you can quite run several times for several tens of minutes: everything will depend on your race base. Make your recovery plan per week, so you’ll get better visibility. Choose a softer look than the marathon. You either have the choice between short fractional (classic short VMA session), or faster sessions (e.g. 8 x 200 m).

The phases of your training plan at a marathon or trail

The development phase : after the general preparation, you will strengthen your VMA and fractional. Introduce ribs into your running routine.

The specific phase : very quickly,after 6 to 12 weeks , you will be able to build your weeks and organize yourself around your running sessions with the feeling of progress. Don’t lose sight of your goal and the competition: the mental aspect of running and marathon is essential .

During the specific phase, you will increase your pace and then your level. For a marathon, typically, you will need to prove that you know and can maintain a pace for 42,195 kilometers, which is not nothing.

The phase sharpening : we are just a few weeks away from the competition. It is important to reduce the volume of training, in order to maintain stable progress. Getting 100% of your abilities on D-Day also requires you to spare.

At 10 days of the competition , keep the number of outings (or sessions) but decrease their volume and duration. Do not dwell on fractional, it will be too intense.

Want a new run/marathon /trail trail?

You barely crossed the finish line that it itches you to go back to a competition? Go smoothly. Sport, as we know, can be a real drug for some. The body needs quality rest from time to time. The practice of running is done in a reasonable way, because recovery must also be able to be done in due course.

It is important to keep a certain distance between one marathon and another marathon (or between each trail). Multiplying workouts, session after session and running after run, is not necessarily good for the body.

If you already want to take back your sneakers, change your plans: plan on weekdays and weekends a few minutes of slow and fast walking. The shift is pleasant for enduring riders. Because, whether you are a beginner or a confirmed runner, the rule is the same: it is necessary to take care of its “mount” to be able to last in longevity!

After a marathon or trail, the body must get used to no longer function in the same way. IF you do not want to compete right away, you can, to cut off the routine that held you for a few months, have a gentle physical and sports practice. Yoga, soft gym, maintenance gym, Nordic walking, or even cross for the most motivated…

Do all this, with the aim of taking first and foremost pleasure playing sports , without feeling like being in a rhythm of work. Good race!

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