Recognize quality leather before buying leather goods

I tell you right away, call on local leather goods craftsmen to move towards quality. For many years, major international brands have deceived the public by presenting their products as genuine leather. From a technical point of view, this is not a lie. But what is genuine leather? Genuine leather is made from the bottom cut of a skin, which means it is a poor quality leather. In fact, genuine leather means that it is the lowest quality leather possible, although its name suggests the opposite. Hence deception for the general public.

Points to watch for quality leather goods

So the question is how to distinguish high-quality handmade leather goods from poor-quality leather goods. What can help you is interested in:

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  • To the type of
  • leather The leather tanning process

Leather Goods Type : Forget genuine leather and lean on full grain leather. With full grain leather, you will have very good handbags, wallet or watch straps especially.

Leather tanning or tanning process : Forget the chrome tanning which is the most common but of poor quality and remember above all vegetable tanning, rarer and much more durable. Chestnut or oak tannins are the best on the market. Ask about tannins. Ah yes, it is with this process that takes place the extraction of water from the leather, the hardening and then making it insensitive to aging. Vegetable tanning will give you brilliant handcrafted leather goods.

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Call on local craftsmen

To avoid a little bit more certain to opt for small leather goods or low quality leather goods, we can only advise you to choose a locally made product. Close to home, you will have artisans recognized for their know-how. Proximity is often a guarantee of quality, even of course there can always be counter-examples.

Of course, locally manufactured products are not accessible throughout France. So one solution to this is to turn to the Internet. There are some shops specializing in made in France. For our part, we recommend FrogAvenue, a shop specializing in clothing made in France but also leather goods products. This online shop selects local craftsmen and 100% French brands and products, for example Juste Taille, a recognized brand of small leather goods and bracelets in Full grain leather.

For the fashion side, if you want to buy a nice bag, you have our tips elsewhere on our blog.

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