Protect and change the look of your car lights and headlights with films for Covering

The look of a motorcycle, scooter or car is important as part of a total Covering. Covering only the headlights can be useful if you want to protect the glass from unavoidable light shocks on gravel mountain roads. But as part of a creative project such as the decoration of a car in matte black (the Audi TT or the Porsche Cayenne is sublime in this shade!) it is inconceivable to leave the headlights with their natural tint. Black headlight films are then the perfect complement to an artist’s work. And we often write it, the Covering is intended for lovers of their cars or their two wheels, but also for artists whose vehicle will support a remarkable creative work.

Black tinted headlight films are allowed

Whether it is matte films for front and rear lights or black tint films for optics are perfectly compliant with the legislation. The protection they provide is a guarantee of the duration of the lenses and they absolutely do not prevent the brightness from passing. Imagine your convertible in a total Military Camouflage Covering and a “matte black hue” look on the headlights! Or the same effect (matte film for lights) with a total Arctic white Covering? All ideas are practicable. The range of colors offered by the best companies brings together all the colors of the prism of a rainbow plus matte black and glossy black. Covering allows decorative fantasies that the paint does not allow. And if you want to change, nothing simpler than to remove the film and put another one.

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Laying a film for headlight

The ideal way to successfully install your Covering for headlight film is to drop the optics and work on a table. So you have your tools and your optics that you can manipulate in a useful way. It only takes a little soapy water, a squeegee, a cutter, a heat blowing gun (thermal stripper) to succeed its Covering in the shade you have chosen. It is a good tone to harmonize the colours on the front and rear headlights. A black film on the front and matte on the back would be damaging to the harmony of the whole. But why not? In any case this type of film arises and settles without any problems. Try to imagine your vehicle with these different shades and move to the action. The price of products is not really a brake on the purchase. By the way, choose only qualitative films to facilitate laying. Thickness, strength, duration guarantee are technical points that must be checked before placing an order.

The different characteristics of black or matte Covering films for headlights.

There are two types of films:

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  • Calendered film often used for lettering on flat surfaces, such as car sidewalls or pavilion. This type of black or matte film is not suitable for the most difficult shapes.
  • The cast film is perfect for the total Covering and for headlights which requires a 90° heat sealing for perfect adhesion of the flaps. Hot thermoformed films accept significant stresses and deformations. Its durability will be of order from 3 to 10 years depending on the use of the car and its maintenance.
  • The installation of vinyl is easier with the “AIR FREE BUBBLE” system: to avoid the presence of air bubbles at the installation.
  • The best-selling thickness is 0.15 mm or 150microns

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