Properly choose the material for its gutters

When it comes to choosing the material for its gutters, one has the choice between aluminum, zinc or PVC. The roofing gutter must have strength and must be made of a strong and durable material. You are told how to choose the material for your roof gutters.

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  • Features of roof gutters
  • Which material to choose for my gutters?
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Features of roofing gutters

To be effective and durable, roofing gutters must be ergonomic and strong. This essential element of collecting and evacuating rainwater and roofing runoff is essential to the building’s preservation and longevity. For this reason, it is It is important to take the time to properly choose the glass material gutter.

Whether for a roof descent or for any other part of the gutter, various forms exist. These forms of gutters are all available in various materials, mainly aluminium, zinc and PVC. Depending on your budget of roofing work , your taste (aesthetics of gutters) but also the technical adjustments you need, your choice of gutter will not be the same.

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Which material to choose for my gutters?

Among the most common materials found for the manufacture of gutters, here are the most common ones.

Zinc gutter

Zinc is a classic material that has the ability to adapt to any roofing. Zinc gutter is sometimes imposed in building permits , in order to meet aesthetic standards and sites classified. Very practical, however, the zinc gutter is quite technical in its interlocking and installation process. A professional will need to perform welding or a specific socket with gasket.

The zinc gutter is shiny at the time of installation but will subsequently tarnish. An anti-corrosion film (light grey) is formed within 6 months to 2 years, protecting the zinc gutter from aggression and bad weather.

Zinc is known for its strength and longevity, with a life expectancy of 40 to 50 years. For your gutters, be aware that zinc is more expensive than PVC. Aluminum remains an affordable and solid in-between.

Aluminum gutter

Among the other materials that are made in the field of gutters manufacture, aluminum stands out. For your home, aluminum gutter is very convenient thanks to its ease of assembly. No need for welding, the aluminum gutter adapts to any habitat in terms of aesthetics. You can even harmonize your aluminium gutters with your frames. A very adaptable material and available in various coloured finishes .

Special aluminum profiles are available from some manufacturers, without welding or joints. With professionally recognized longevity , the aluminium gutter has excellent weather resistance. Finally, aluminum is a 100% recyclable material , so better for the environment.

The PVC gutter

PVC gutter will be economical above all . She will sin by its aesthetics but remains very simple in installation and installation. Very lightweight, PVC is a material that must then stick or fit together to form the roofing gutter. If you are motivated, PVC is one of the simplest materials to handle if you do the laying yourself.

Other materials are available for your gutters, depending on what you are looking for. Steel, copper and even wood are possible materials if the architecture of your building requires such facilities.

Our advice to choose the right material of your gutter:

  • Evaluate your budget;
  • Assess the aesthetics of the building;
  • Think about the price of lapose.

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