Promogim, real estate developer since 1968 attaches great importance to the opinions of its customers

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  • Real estate developer: a role of conductor, rewarding but exposed
  • Flexibility and listening to solve a large part of the constraints
  • Online reviews not necessarily related to customer reviews

Real estate developer: a role of conductor, rewarding but exposed

There are several roles and levels of intervention in the field of real estate. The developer is the one in the center. He is often at the origin of a project and surrounds himself with all the actors needed to carry it out. He coordinates a significant number of trades: masons, carpenters, roofers, plumbers, electricians, painters, terracers, landscapers… He is the common interlocutor to all parties, the guarantor of the good conduct of the project, and takes care of marketing it.

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Flexibility and listening that solve a large part of the constraints

When you manage so many stakeholders on the multiple facets of a project, subject to varying hazards, the proponent’s know-how and experience are essential.

Online reviews not necessarily related to customer reviews

Online reviews appeared only a few years ago but are now a real source of information for those who want to choose their real estate developer.

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In order to ensure the satisfaction of its customers, Promogim attaches great importance to lifts and customer returns, via surveys conducted by third parties. For its annual satisfaction survey*, Promogim commissioned BVA who asked more than 1250 of its clients on many quality criteria: the professionalism of the advisors, the architectural quality of the residences delivered, the quality of the housing… Satisfaction is very widely at the rendezvous, all quality ratings are higher than 8/10 and satisfaction indices exceed 90%.

For Promogim, although very rewarding, online reviews meet 2 limitations that can explain some variations in the perceived image: -All consumers who express themselves spontaneously do so in general to convey a negative feeling rather than satisfaction. Our world is thus made that we mobilize less when we are happy. -An online review expresses a truth (when it is sincere) at a moment T. It is a snapshot taken at some point in the course of the project that does not necessarily reflect the outcome. As mentioned above, in a large-scale construction site, it happens that we encounter unforeseen unforeseen. What matters then is the proponent’s ability to respond and adapt to the situation.

A customer who complained on the Internet at the time when the unexpected occurred will certainly have a different opinion once the situation is resolved. The likelihood that he will return to change his opinion and change it into a positive comment is nevertheless very low. The impression he leaves behind will not really be true to his overall feeling.

For Promogim, it is therefore important to take online reviews into account, because all constructive reviews are avenues for improvement for anyone who wants to hear them, but it is only one source of opinion among others, no matter how important it is. *BVA® survey, made between February 25 and March 16, 2019, on a sample of 1253 clients.

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