PRND: meaning letters automatic box

The automatic gearbox car gives you its secrets! Have you always wanted to know everything about the meaning of letters on an automatic box? We tell you everything, so that you can find yourself there in a car with an automatic gearbox.

What is an automatic gearbox?

The gearbox, automatic or manual, is a system based on a mechanical device that allows transmission from one speed to another. The automatic gearbox is now the most commonly installed system since the early 2000s .

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The advantages of the gearbox automatic on the manual gearbox are many:

  • Speed transmission is done independently. It is therefore more appropriate to gauge the information it receives;
  • The vehicle adapts to the position of the gear lever on the automatic transmission. The accelerator will play on the acceleration of the vehicle, of course, but the transmission lever too!
  • The clutch and release pedal is therefore no longer necessary: less information to be managed when driving;
  • The driver simply has to focus on the accelerator and braking system.
  • An automatic car engine will adapt more smoothly and smoothly, since the speed ratios will be different.
  • Today, many drivers prefer driving on gearbox by far automatic.

Meaning of letters on your automatic gearbox

P, R, N and D. These are the letters that are written on any automatic gearbox lever. These letters correspond to the different transmissions by the gearboxes. These letters are markings made from English words, for an internationalization of the system , without risk of doubt. The fact that the marking is unique with the letters P, R, N and D also simplifies the manufacture of vehicles.

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As part of a vehicle resale, these letters are easily understandable. The car automatic gearbox lever, as for a manual gearbox, is a gear selector :

P: PARK. This is the parking position of the vehicle, at the stop. This lever position has the highest position. It replaces the brake to hand and completely blocks the transmission if the vehicle is parked. It is also the parking position, simpler to remember for Francophones (P = parking). You should know that the wheels are completely immobilized : a lock is activated in the system and stops the vehicle, making it impossible to move.

A: REVERSE . This position on an automatic gearbox corresponds to the reverse. This also corresponds to the R that is sometimes seen on manual gear levers.

N: NEUTRAL The letter N on your automatic gearbox corresponds to the dead point, or neutral (neutral). The speed is automated and no longer drives the wheels. The wheels remain unlocked, but no controls can be applied, even if the engine is running. This corresponds to the dead point of the manual gearbox: your engine is running, your wheels rotate, but you are in freewheels, which is incidentally very dangerous, either manually or automatically.

D: DRIVE . This letter corresponds to the forward step of the vehicle, simply. Try: If the brake is released, the vehicle in position D will move forward on its own.

Change gears on automatic gearbox?

Well, no, the gears don’t change on an automatic gearbox! The lever moves to activate functions, but not gears . It is indeed foot pressed on the brake pedal that will activate the shift… in automatic mode, as the name suggests.

The letters P and N allow the engine to be switched on without starting with a speed. If you are down, you can always use the letter N (neutral) to push the car. Some models of vehicles have other letters in addition.

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