Private elevator: how to choose it?

Do you intend to install a private elevator? What is a private elevator and how to choose it? Between the choice of the system, the style, the surface, the load capacity, the speed, the floors… We explain how to choose your private elevator so that it is adapted to your needs.

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  • The collective lift with electric traction
  • Why install a private elevator?

Choosing your type of elevator

There are many kinds of elevator. Here are the most common types of elevators:

  • Sheath Elevator
  • : Freestanding elevator (2 floors);
  • Electric traction collective lift;
  • Hydraulic lift.

These 4 types of elevators do not have the same operation and do not require the same installation. Professionals are at your disposal to guide you on the elevator model that will best suit your building and the needs of lift users .

The criteria for choosing your private elevator

Depending on their type, volume, load and other criteria, your private elevator will not have the same price. You will need to choose your elevator depending on the configuration of your home or building. Important work is to be planned when choosing the installation of a private elevator.

To choose your private elevator properly, it is necessary to take into account


  • The number of people who will have the use of the elevator;
  • The load of the elevator;
  • The speed of the elevator;
  • The elevator system;
  • The style and aesthetics of the elevator;
  • The scope of work: price, duration;
  • The usefulness and purpose of the elevator;

We will detail here the best-known elevator systems.

The private sheathed elevator

The private sheath lift is integrated, as the name suggests, into a masonry sheath. This sheath is where the elevator cabin will be able to move vertically.

The building must have a configuration that allows this type of installation. You can choose between an electric or hydraulic system (cylinder and piston). In electric, your elevator requires cables that are not supported the masonry wall, and this, on each floor of the dwelling. The elevator must absolutely be built along a load-bearing wall .

Quite discreet , the installation of this type of elevator remains less cumbersome than a freestanding elevator, for example. The price of a sheathed elevator is lower than another type of elevator, either in new or under renovation.

Private freestanding elevator

If you are in the absence of a bearing wall, you have the option of turning to the private freestanding elevator. This elevators are relatively high-end and fits perfectly in every individual, as well as in a collective context.

The freestanding elevator can be made of a glass cabin or a conventional, closed cabin. This system of elevators is found in the Modern architectures and can go to serve up to 5 floors. Mansion, villa, luxury or institutional building… The freestanding elevator can be customized.

The price of a private freestanding elevator is going to be significantly higher than the price of a sheathed elevator .

The hydraulic lift

There are various kinds of hydraulic lifts: buried cylinder hydraulic lift, surface cylinder hydraulic lift and surface cylinder telescopic lift.

These types of elevators are among the most expensive , because of their technicality and their modernity of system. A hydraulic lift, regardless of its model, will take much more volume and space in its installation than any other elevator, which also justifies its price.

In particular, take into account the stability of the basement before considering the perennial installation of a hydraulic lift.

The Electric Traction Collective Lift

Classic, this type of elevators is ideal for condominiums. Working with pulley, belt, cables and motor, this device is connected to a counterweight . The price of this type of elevators varies depending on the volume required.

To be effectively advised, call on an elevator who will be able to refer you to the appropriate elevator models .

Why install a private elevator?

As you know as well as we do, the average age of the French population is constantly increasing. The problem of keeping at home then arises, because not everyone is lucky enough to be able to live in a single-storey house. Many people then do the choice to develop their home and live mainly on one floor, thus avoiding the risks of falls due to difficulties to climb and descend the steps. Fortunately, there is a solution for the senior to have access to all the rooms in their home, without anybody’s help: the private lift.Restassured its way of operation has nothing to do with the classic elevators you find in collective buildings. In fact, the latter operate by pulling a cable attached to the cab. The problem with this type of elevator is that you need an important place to install it, making it incompatible with most individual houses. Private elevators operate with a hydrological system thus limiting congestion, making installation possible without having to do colossal work. The other advantage of this system is that it works smoothly, making its use much safer for older people who use it. In addition, be aware that it is possible to fully customize your elevator . You will be able to play on:

  • The style
  • The nature of wood
  • The light

The goal is that your elevator fits as best as possible into your interior. To get a more precise idea of the possibilities, customize your private elevator here.

To be as complete as possible on the subject, be aware that it is possibleto obtain assistance from the state and or the region to help keep the dependent person at home. Feel free to ask for advice from a specialist to let you know what you canclaim to.

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