Portrait: François-Xavier Demaison, a financier who became a comedian

In the professional world, we often see a lot of retraining due to age or because of the desire to earn much more money. In this direction, conversion is highly accepted and well seen by society. However, we are witnessing atypical conversions that we did not expect and would never have imagined even in the wildest dreams. François Xavier Demaison is one of the personalities to make a bizarre conversion. Indeed, he went from financial to humorist, from what attracts every eye on this man to reconversion and atypical career.

A passion that ends up taking over

François Xavier Demaison is a person who from his earliest childhood already liked to do the patre in school and in high school, he was a comic as he entrusted him during an interview given to site the student. “I used to imitate the school show and in the playground. I loved it, I really took my foot to make others laugh.” An easy way to make others laugh that became his weapon of seduction.

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Indeed, Francis aware of his ability to be funny when he wants to use it to bring down the girls as he admitted “Very early I discovered the power of humor and that was my weapon of seduction. This was a very good student and student, François Xavier Demaison, born in 1973 in Asnières-sur-Seine in 92, had to stay his desire to climb on the boards of theaters in order to please his parents. But finally, it was his passion that was right for him to say that a passion is lived to the end.

A life as a technocrat then a day…

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After pursuing law at Nanterre and studying at science Po Paris after graduating in 1998 he joined PricewaterhouseCoopers as a specialist in tax law. His good performance quickly sent him to New York. At the time when everyone expected his career in this firm to take a look in the big apple, it was rather that the click came from there. Indeed, as he tells the site the student, it is from his window that he witnessed the fall of twins towers to understand that life is only a thread. “On this dramatic day, I realized that life was very fragile and very short. For months, I had put on a suit that was wrong with me. This shock brought back my passion for theatre. I missed it sorely and I decided to give my resignation.” The one who, in his lost hours, wrote Sketch scenes definitely turned to sapassion.

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