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In 2020, what are the right solutions to pay less taxes? The tax offer is relatively diversified in France and goes hand in hand with the slight decrease in income tax. We look back for you on the large investments and tax benefits that allow you to pay less taxes while making profitable investments.

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  • Why tax tax in 2020?
  • Tax relief and tax reduction
  • Laws for
  • tax tax reduction with other tax relief devices

Why tax tax in 2020?

Paying a tax has never been a great passion for the French. The observation being made, there is in France and in 2020 a range of solutions allowing access to a discount tax. Real estate, investments … The French are still ready to embark on sustainable and profitable projects, particularly with the attraction for investment in stone.

Tax tax is a simple principle of having a certain percentage of an acquisition or investment deducted from the total amount of your income tax. In short, there are only advantages to tax tax, without embarking on a tax exemption project.

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The tax tax sector is complex and it is essential tobe well informed , particularly on the tax front. The error is not permitted when large financial transactions are carried out as a taxpayer. Don’t panic, the state guides you with incentives and totally legal tax exemption.

Tax Tax Reduction and Tax Reduction

Tax niches, despite the demand to disappear, still exist. Today, it is possible to pay less taxes by tax, whether in the real estate sector or by making various and varied investments.

The primary objective of an investment, let us remember, is to build a wealth while at the same time deriving some form of profit. Rental profitability, for example, is a classic investment in stone: it remains at the top of the wishes and investments made by the French.

Investing in stone and real estate, new or old, allows for example to prepare a retirement, or to anticipate its transfer of assets. The supplement of income generated by a rental of real estate is quite a right, which serves many households.

The concept of tax tax comes in a second step: invest, and at the same time benefit from a tax reduction . This is the message of the Government when a law, a system or a tax exemption measure is in place.

Laws for tax exemption

Many laws and measures have been passed in recent years to enable the French to reduce their income taxes:

  • Pinel law : with the Pinel law, you choose the investment in new real estate to make rental for 6, 9 or 12 years;
  • The Malraux law : you opt for an investment in old real estate, in order to do a restoration and benefit in return for a tax reduction;
  • The Historic Monuments Act : all expenses are charged to that investment, and without limitation on the amount, in order to actually reduce its income tax.
  • LMNP or Managed Furnished Rental: Unprofessional Furnished Rental (LMNP) is in vogue for significant tax advantages. It concerns student residences, tourism residences and EHPADs;
  • The Girardin law : it is divided into 3, the Industrial Girardin, the Agricultural Girardin and the Social Girardin. Your tax advantage is directed exclusively to the overseas territories;

Tax reduction with other tax relief devices

Other tax benefits allow you to access a tax reduction. Among others, the forest group GFF and GFI (investment in wood), PERP (popular savings plans), SME investment, FCPI (innovative companies) and FIP, or also SOFICA, in the field of film culture and production.

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