Passing the driver’s license to 17 is possible!

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner announced Thursday that it would be possible to pass a driver’s license at the age of 17, instead of 17 and a half now. However, it will be necessary to be 18 years old to drive alone.

Christophe Castaner announced Thursday in an interview with Le Parisien that he had issued three applicable orders as of Monday. One will allow young people who have chosen accompanied driving to pass the driver’s licence examination at the age of 17 and under 17 and a half, as is currently the case.

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A measure that will “reduce the cost” of the examination “because there are fewer lessons to be taken through a driving school,” said the Interior Minister, who recalled that driving alone would still not be possible before the age of 18. A choice that Christophe Castaner justifies, in based on “studies by road safety experts, but also child psychiatrists and insurers”, according to which “education the driving age of one year presents a significant excessive risk of accident”, while stating that it remains open to this subject.

Improved simulator training

Another measure is the extension of the duration of simulator learning from 5 to 10 hours within 20 hours of compulsory training. It will also come into effect on Monday and is expected to lower the price of learning by “20 -30%” for the student, says Castaner.

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Facilities for the permit “ automatic speeds”

In addition, the driver’s license “automatic gearbox” will be highlighted. Its training is shorter and requires 13 hours of training, “thus reducing the cost of driving access”.

“ The waiting time between obtaining the automatic transmission permit and the possibility of converting it into a conventional licence is three months instead of six months,” the Minister explained, adding that “those who make this choice will be able to have access to a full licence more than 7 hours in a driving school, people who are in their possession.”

At what age can we learn to drive?

Do you know that it was only since July 1974 that the majority in France rose from 21 to 18? If this famous project is born, a 17-year-old person could take the wheel alone. On the other hand, this would only apply to the French territory. What about the legal age to pass your license with our neighbors? There are already 4 European countries where driving is allowed alone. These are Iceland, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Slovakia. In Germany, the government has decided to allow young people to pass their licence to 17 years old and can start taking driving courses as early as 16 years old. But they are not allowed to drive alone. They must be accompanied for a period of 1 year, the time to reach 18 years. Belgium should soon follow up with them. Young people could drive earlier, but also benefit from a much longer period of learning. This would reduce the accident rate in which a young person is involved. If for practical reasons you want to take courses in Belgium, you must justify being a resident Belgian. If you’re a border border, you’ll have to have family on this side of the border to be domiciled there.

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