Our ideas for storing your jewellery

We all have jewels that hang out here and there and deserve to be nicely stored or presented. Some women like to see their jewelry on displays, others prefer to know them safely, in a box. In any case, we give you all our ideas for storing your jewellery in an original way.

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  • What storage for jewelry?
  • Putting a hook on a wall
  • The collection of vases
  • Making a jewelry tree
  • Dreshaping a wooden drawer
  • Presenting bowls
  • Make your jewelry box
  • The famous hand of presentation
  • The cork rounds on the wall

What storage for jewelry?

The subject of jewelry storage can be complicated to address as there are several schools. Not all jewellery is stored in the same way and we almost want to say, “All jewellery have their own storage.”

For your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings… What storage tips are there? Between the classic display and DIY boxes, what are the nicest decoration ideas to optimize jewelry storage at home? All the answers to your questions are here!

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Put a hook on a wall

First of all, we’ll tell you about this great method of hanging a simple hook on the wall.

You choose the style of the hooks, the number of hooks you need, and you’re done. You hang your jewellery very simply on your hook: it makes you both a decoration and an efficient storage. In recent years, the fake animal trophy has appeared on our walls.

With a rather origami style, here we offer you to switch to a kind of trophy Stylized animal. On the animal’s woods, you can store your rings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Simple, efficient, design and modern!

The recovery of vases

Making object recovery is a great way to enhance both an old object and your jewellery that is cruelly seeking to be highlighted.

Collect old vases or even old glass bottles for milk if you find any. You can then put on your bracelets without the risk of getting tangled.

Making a jewellery tree

The jewelry tree is a great classic of the home jewelry display stand. Make it yourself and enjoy seeing your jewellery showcased in this way.

A jewelry tree is somehow a display or a jewelry holder. You can hang necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, depending on the diameter chosen to accommodate your jewellery. What’s more design than a beautiful DIY jewelry tree. Made of wood, papier-mache or even cardboard, treat yourself to your jewellery display.

You can also give it a retro style or resolutely modern and contemporary, with polished wooden rods placed around a cylindrical center, for example.

Dress up a wooden drawer

A wooden drawer can easily be transformed into a jewellery display. Remove the bottom of the wooden drawer and replace it with a very thin wire mesh. This process will be ideal for presenting earrings, bracelets and even necklaces.

You bring back to life an old wooden drawer, sanding and repaint if needed, and you find an elegant and original way to present your beautiful jewellery. No risk of tangling the necklaces with each other with this storage display jewellery! A haberdashery drawer will be ideal and if not, fine compartments of craft furniture.

Present cups

The cups are also a great way to store jewellery while presenting them beautifully. A little more elaborate than the jewelry tree, the cup mainly accommodates rings. Put fake animal woods in the middle and arrange all your rings very simply. We can see it better!

Making his jewelry box

What if you made your own jewellery box? Nothing better like storage than a real DIY storage made with love. You always have the choice of materials with the classic jewellery box.

You can also revisit this essential storage with a glass glass, and unusual materials such as brass. By making your jewelry box a real organizer, with its compartments, you can optimize the storage of your bracelets.

Play on the depth of the jewellery box, with boxes at least 5 centimeters deep to be useful. Let yourself be carried by your creativity: wood, fabric, metal… Your jewellery box can also be a closed object, with a lid, like a large ceramic container (why not?).

The famous hand of presentation

The wooden hand that acts as a display, it is very vintage and therefore very demanded! This wood object seems to be an extension of a large mannequin of articulated wood. Convenient for rings, this hand is much less so for all that is large necklaces.

Cork rounds to the wall

Last decorative tip for storing your jewellery: the very simple idea of hanging cork rounds on the wall. The earrings are planted directly with the help of bedbugs, in cork, and we save money by reusing objects all simple but yet so practical!

Hang cork rounds of several shapes on your wall, and decorate them if necessary with paint. Necklaces like it… bracelets too.

To make your own jewellery storage displays, go to DIY and DIY shops . You will find your happiness as well as a multitude of ideas for a jewellery box.

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