Opening window without authorization: the risks

Creating a window opening in your home, just like any other opening or building an extension, requires permission. Conducting work or development in a living area without obtaining this precious permission exposes you to big problems. The point on the subject.

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  • Doing work without permission: What you risk
  • No authorization or declaration of work for your window?
  • The rights of the city hall on your illegal construction site
  • Window opening: namely
    • Penalties for opening without authorization

Doing work without permission: what you risk

You know, no one is supposed to ignore the law . However, everyone may be tempted to have an extension built a little “wildly”, or create a window or door opening, without requiring legal permission. Performing work that involves changing the nature of your property, its living space or its general appearance can cost you very expensive.

The price to be paid will depend on the nature of the infringement, but also on the area of modification on the building. If one might be tempted to go faster than the law, it is better to stick to it, or waste time and be forced to interrupt the work , in the best case.

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Examples of work requiring an authorization and declaration of work:

  • Construction of an extension;
  • Installation of a veranda;
  • Opening to make a door;
  • Opening for a window;
  • Arrangement of a garage in room, etc.

No authorization or declaration of work for your window?

The Urban Planning Code is clear in this respect: articles L. 480-1 and L. 480-2 require to stop the work in progress if no permission has been requested beforehand from the town hall of your municipality on which the dwelling depends.

If a neighbor reports you, for example, and the infringement is hard found, then a report may be drawn up by the administrative authority responsible for the case. The minutes shall then be forwarded to the competent judicial authority in the matter, pending a decision.

The rights of the town hall on your illegal construction site

Your town hall can quite decide to formulate a work interruption order. And it does not end there, for a simple window opening. The continuation of events can be quite tragic for anyone who wanted to brave the law. Justice can go further and require the confiscation of equipment and the demolition of any construction or modification that has begun.

In addition, if the town hall has doubts about your ability to comply with the order of interruption of the works, seals can be laid without your consent on the construction equipment. Materials may be seized and if a potential hazard is identified, the installation of temporary safety devices may be required.

Window opening: namely

To create or enlarge a window opening, it is imperative to apply for permission, since it is an external modification of the building. There is no case for the installation of a window without authorization and declaration of work.

Attention, however: the neighbor concerned by the window (if any) must agree with the opening of your window. Your work could be prevented if it wasn’t. Similarly, changing your windows without permission is contrary to the Code of Urban Planning.

Sanctions for opening without authorization

Financial penalties are also provided for illegal and unauthorized opening of windows or doors:

  • A fine for lack of a building permit may be imposed (up to EUR 6,000 );
  • A fine of EUR 75,000 and 3 months in prison if the decision of the High Court is not complied with;
  • Daily penalties exist for any delays in demolition.

Take the assumption that any external modification requires authorization of the town hall and declaration of works.

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