Opening a Nursery Assistants’ House (MAM)

Are you planning to open a MAM, or nursery assistants’ home? How are we embarking on such a project and what elements are absolutely necessary to know before opening a home of nursery assistants? Accreditation, training, operation, procedures … We tell you all about the modalities of opening such a place of reception for toddlers and children under 3 years of age.

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Article Plan

  • The MAM: what is it?
  • Accreditation: sesame to open a MAM
  • Reception of children in MAM: what modalities?
    • A well-framed project
  • All the advantages of opening a MAM
  • Open a MAM: the steps
    • Our tips for opening your MAM
    • The local of your MAM
  • Funding a MAM project

MAM: what is it ?

The MAM, known as the Maison d’assistantes maternelles, is a system that exists in France under this specific acronym. It is a structure specialized in welcoming toddlers and young children.

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Often it is a specific place and a house designed to become an approved MAM. A maximum of four maternal assistants can work in a MAM around the same Early Childhood Care Project .

MAM officially exists in France since 2010 and allow the grouping of maternal assistants in MAM. Any MAM project is strictly monitored and the creation of a MAM requires adhering to various administrative steps .

Accreditation: Sesame to open a MAM

Any MAM project must be accredited. For this, each Maternal assistant wishing to work in the MAM and being part of the project sustainably must have an individual maternal assistant accreditation .

This is a legal obligation which implies that maternal assistants have received training in order to be able to care for children.

many cases, maternal assistants are women: these maternal assistants are also often young moms who wish to combine their efforts and knowledge around a project. MAM is then the ideal solution to return to a job In as a young mom, with the abilities that are at her disposal.

It is not uncommon for MAM to include the children of nursery assistants themselves.

Reception of children in MAM: what modalities?

Each assistant Kindergarten working in MAM can accommodate up to 4 children maximum . The premises that will act as MAM must be dedicated to the activity of the nursery assistants’ home. This requires adaptations in terms of security, in particular.

Any baby or young child can be kept safe by approved nursery assistants. Accreditation not only reassures parents, but also protects the status of maternal assistants.

A well-framed project

Each kindergarten assistant working in a MAM project is employed by her employer, who are the parents of the child, in general.

For parents, this mode of care does not change absolutely anything: whether their child is in a nursery assistant or in a nursery assistants’ home or MAM, they remain the employers and can claim a free choice supplement the mode of custody (CMG) and PAJE, subject to conditions.

All the advantages of opening a MAM

Every kindergarten assistant who plans to work in a MAM is generally well aware of the benefits of a MAM.

Whether for the kindergarten assistant, for children or for parents, the benefits are present throughout the line:

  • Children socially well in MAM, sometimes better than with a single maternal assistant at home with 4 children;
  • A MAM is entirely dedicated to the reception of children: you can be sure of the quality of the structure;
  • In terms of hospitality, word of mouth works very well for MAM if quality is at the rendezvous. This is an additional security for nursery assistants who fear they will not have requests for child care;
  • You know as a parent that every assistant kindergarten has been trained to offer her services. The reputation of the MAM is easier to access too;
  • For activities, the choice is wider than with a licensed nursery assistant alone at her home;
  • In terms of everyday life, kindergarten assistants like to work together and exchange tricks. Their work is facilitated;

Afterwards, each kindergarten assistant receives the funded continuing education.

Opening a MAM: the steps

To open a home for maternal assistants (MAM), you need a strong team of nursery assistants. Each kindergarten assistant must undergo a training period of 120 hours .

The collective reception project requires knowledge and knowledge that is passed on to training. Above all, maternal assistants can consult each other in order to distribute the roles of each. Accounting, reference, management , etc.

All administration relating to the opening and management of a MAM must be taken into account, including the rules of the house , which will ensure the proper functioning of the MAM internally as for external relations.

Our tips for opening your MAM

It is necessary to ask yourself some questions before opening a MAM, so that your project works and that the opening of your facility for young children is a success.

  • Consider the demand for child care in your community
  • What financial means do you need for the project?
  • How will your MAM work?
  • What is your forecast budget?

Answering these questions will allow the 4 kindergarten assistants to see further in the project. Also consider employing a person responsible for the maintenance of the premises of your nursery assistants’ home.

The local of your MAM

The house or premises that will host the project cannot be a private detached house (at one of the nursery assistants). The premises must be dedicated to the professional project of MAM.

The PMI controls the room before any reception opening in MAM: the safety standards must be respected.

Your room or MAM must have suitable spaces for reception, such asa dormitory and a water point with toilet.

It should be noted that since 2016, depending on the department in which you are with your MAM, it is possible to sign a quality charter . This involves the CAF, the MAM, the departmental council and the MSA.

Financing a MAM project

The department usually offers support and funding to open a MAM. Do not hesitate to ask for help from the CAF before any project starts. The purchase of equipment and the arrangement of premises can be taken care of partially.

For a very first accreditation in a MAM, individual assistance is available and can amount to 300 euros per nursery assistant. This aid therefore amounts to 1200 euros per MAM if each kindergarten assistant has just obtained her first approval.

If the MAM is an association, it can apply for a loan to improve the place of reception. Limits exist: it is important to inquire about any possible financial assistance from the department. This gives you better chances to your MAM opening project.

Finally, don’t hesitate to advertise your MAM!

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