Once Again: my opinion on this online thrift store!

Occasion clothes have long been despised and seen as the last solution for the most precarious people. These garments perceived as dirty and old-fashioned were not of interest to many people unless we had the financial choice anymore.

One Again online thrift store is part of this wave that disrupts consumer practices. Today, the latter seek to change their habits by consuming differently. This requires the purchase of second-hand clothing, which helps to combat waste .

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Used thrift stores and online sales are blooming and becoming a real market. That’s good because there is a high demand.

Second-hand clothing, a new market facing challenges

In recent years, consumers have become increasingly aware of environmental issues. The fashion industry is particularly known for being very polluting and even gaining a 2nd place on the podium about it. The mentalities are slowly transformed , with the desire to be more careful. New generations are particularly sensitive to these new issues.

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The last economic crisis has also left traces and everyone calculates their spending a little more. Second-hand clothing therefore appears asa long-term solution , especially when you finally discover the choice not so restricted products sold.

For a room in very good condition whose label is missing, the price is up to 80% lower . There’s plenty to look at it twice.

According to data published by the IFM (Institut Français de la Mode), the purchase of clothing in second-hand clothing amounted to 40% in 2019 compared to 30% in 2018. This rapid progression allows us to imagine the same success today in 2020. These figures are meaningful to citizens’ interest in their impact on the planet .

Birth of Once Again project

If many buyers have abandoned stores because they take too much time and do not find their happiness, e-shops appear as a solution. Thrift shops are increasingly numerous but demand for the most part a lot of time when you want to sell our clothes there.

It is from this finding that the creators of Once Again wanted to stand out by proposing a concept in the era of time and corresponding to the needs of new consumersecological values : to create a company that makes sense by bringing back to life forgotten clothes. The Once Again project defends and taking them out of the closets so that they can be worn again… “Once Again”.

Buy at Once Again

This thrift shop allows us to find a multitude of cheap and original pieces. Who do not like to chill and find THE unique piece all styles and sizes that will complete an outfit? You will find on the e-shop.

Clothes may be used, Once Again made the intermediary by guaranteeing the quality of the products offered and their condition. They are checked and then put online. Offers depend on arrivals, which accentuates the pleasure of falling on the rare pearl. You never know what we’re gonna find!

Sell your clothes

Once Again also allows you to sell clothes that you no longer wear but with an interesting method. You will no longer need to spend hours taking correct photos and uploading them online. It takes a crazy time. Once Again does it for you!

The site gives instructions and conditions so that the transaction is done as best as possible. Clothing must not have defects and must be part of the brands listed in their catalogue (see their website online).

In order to satisfy the greatest number of people, only known brands are accepted (e.g. Zara, H&M, Célio). You will find a simulator where you just have to enter the name of the brand you want to sell to find out if it is validated. In which case you will see the prices associated with the corresponding clothing category .

You must then download the Mondial Relay prepaid label and paste it on the bag or carton that serves as packaging for your products.

Once Once Again has received the parcel, they test the coins from 15 days to 3 weeks and send you the money. Regardless of whether the coins have been sold or not, you are guaranteed to be paid .

It is a simple operation that saves considerable time. We can finally get rid of clothes that we no longer put on and make room in the closets. No need to manage the entire organization involved in selling on usual second-hand marketplaces.

If Once Again’s criteria are demanding about product takeover, it is in order toavoid disappointment for the buyer . The clothes sold must actually be:

  • Without defects : no signs of wear, holes, stains or deformation… They must bealmost new .
  • Authentic : Brand and size still need to be visible on the label. The various retouches are not accepted, nor fakes of course.
  • Recognized brands : because of theirquality andreputation . Too low-end brands are refused, as are clothes that are more than 5 years old.

Once Again, a responsible consumption

In making reputable brands accessible, you can first indulge yourself at a low price. The purchasing system is really simple and you are also involved in fighting waste. Tons of clothes are burned because they are thrown away and donated by their owner who no longer want it.

Encouraging the resale of these garments helps create new ways to consume more in line with the environmental issues we face. Once Again online store allows us to give a second life to his clothes that we no longer like.

Buying new clothes then makes sense and our wardrobe is much more ethical and consistent with the values you defend.

This company is still expanding and will propose in the future new opportunities. A depositing system should indeed emerge, which puts a little human contact where everything is done digitally.

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