Metro tiled floor in a kitchen

What if you radically change decor in your kitchen? Discover the originality of metro tiles and all its advantages. Here we give you some tips and all the good reasons to choose metro tiles in your kitchen under construction or renovation.

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  • Subway tiles: its specifics
    • Resistant, aesthetic and retro tiles
  • Redo kitchen credenza
  • Design: dare the color subway tiles
    • Play with the patterns on the subway tiles

Metro tiles: its specifics

The metro arrived at the end of the 19th century and with it, the famous metro tiles that can be found in all the corridors of the Paris metro . Yes, metro tiles refer to the Parisian metropolitan, this means of transport that revolutionized Parisian life.

We recognizes subway tiles well thanks to its specifics. Beveled, white and glossy , it comes in the form of one-size rectangular tiles. The metro tile has all the charm of the Paris metro, and the good news is that it is no longer reserved for the Parisian basement.

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Metro tiles are super trendy in kitchen and bathroom decor. For your kitchen, your splash or to redo your entire kitchen under renovation, have you thought of installing subway tiles? Find the vintage side of the early 20th century train stations and metro stations, at home indoors.

Resistant, aesthetic and retro tiles

The subway tile is a tiled floor that is highly appreciated for direct reminder to the Parisian metro. He is becoming more and more democratized and arrives in kitchens. Simple, white, colorful, blue, orange, bright red, Fuchsia… Metro tiles are no longer only white but is available in all fashionable colours and tones.

One of the specifics of metro tiles is its bevelled appearance at the edges. This beveled aspect gives it ease of installation as a wall tile. If it is usually rectangular, it can now be used with shades of arrangement that will look great on a kitchen splash.

Opting for subway tiles, you choose a durable material. The subway tile is tiled and remains a safe value in terms of wall tiles. Needless to say, this type of beveled and glossy tile is not suitable for a floor at all . Redo a kitchen or bathroom with it and get a retro and vintage look that will be much appreciated. In white, it will illuminate a slightly dark bathroom. In the Kitchen, feel free to play with the various colors available for your subway floor floor splash.

Redo his kitchen credenza

The kitchen splash is the whole part that lies above your worktop. A subway tile splash brightens the room while protecting your walls from kitchen splashes and grease.

To perfect your new decor, do not forget to combine earthenware tiles with stainless steel. These materials blend perfectly due to their appearance, their different textures and at the same time complementary at the aesthetic level. Stainless steel taps, for example, can be beautifully enhanced by very retro subway tiles , white or even coloured. Same for stainless steel sink, kettle, household appliances, etc. Brushed metal and shiny appearance of white metro tiles complement each other, in a very nice vintage atmosphere.

The credenza goes up to the high elements of your kitchen, if you own furniture. Enjoy this space to crack for an original wall tile : Metro tile will not disappoint and withstand in time. Easy to lay, it will effectively protect your wall.

Design: dare color subway tiles

Today, color is growing more and more in the choice of kitchen tiles. If previously it was common and nicer to have a neutral kitchen (also for budget reasons), white is gradually dethrone by little by the colors a little flashy.

Will you dare to put orange on your subway tile kitchen splash? Lemon yellow will also bring its original touch. Tones of gray, silver, black, taupe, green or blue are also available for color lovers: finally dare the color, depending on your budget. Mixtures are done very well too, in alternating strips of white and color.

Playing with the patterns on the subway tile

Alternating color tiles and places where white predominates, you have the opportunity to create patterns, alternation and variations in the decor of your kitchen yourself. Make vertical or horizontal stripes if desired with this adaptable wall tile.

Pushing the song further, start on the idea of an entire kitchen covered with subway tiles. For a retro, vintage but also a little kitsch , in a bar, this type of decoration and renovation is remarkable and instantly brings character to the place.

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