Living area : definition, example and calculation

Are you interested in real estate and wondering what “living area” means? According to the Carrez law, the calculation of the living area is based on several well-defined criteria, taking into account certain rooms of the dwelling and their configuration. You are told more right away about the footage of a dwelling.

What is the living area: definition

The living area is calculated in all cases: sale and rental of a property (deed of sale and lease). The Carrez law, it is calculated only in the context of a condominium (deed of sale).

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The living area of a property is, according to Boutin law,the constructed floor area . The surfaces occupied by walls, stairs (steps and cages), partitions, ducts, window and door openings and parts below 1.80 m high are deducted. You will understand, that’s the very definition of the Carrez law. But what differentiates the Boutin law (living area) from the Carrez law?

How to calculate the living area of a dwelling?

When deciding to sell real estate, it is obvious to provide an exact area of living space. The same applies to a rental: the rented area must take into account the living area (Boutin law) and not the private area (Carrez law).

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Calculate living area with Boutin law

In the surface habitable, we do not take into account:

  • of a terrace
  • of a balcony
  • a basement other than cellars, garage or parking
  • unfinished attic
  • from an attic
  • of a reserve
  • of a discount
  • from a veranda
  • surfaces occupied by walls, staircases and partitions
  • lower parts at a height of 1.80 m

Therefore, all living space, including fitted attic space, EXCEPT for areas , within these attic, with a height of less than 1.80 m. In rental accommodation, this difference will count enormously.

Another example:

A basement other than cellars, garage or parking is not technically inhabitable and cannot, for example, be considered a living area. On the other hand, in Carrez law, this type of subsoil will be counted in the so-called private area.

The Carrez Law: Understanding the Issues

In the calculation of the Carrez law area, we will take into account the area in :

    • living rooms: living room and dining room
    • the kitchen
    • the rooms
    • cupboards in each room
    • the laundry room
    • shower rooms (WC, bathroom)
    • the attic
    • unfinished attic
    • basements other than cellars, garage and parking
    • the veranda

This means that during an act or contract of sale, the area in Carrez law does not in any way allow to know what is the actual area of the lot you buy. On the other hand, it allows you to know the exploitable surface, once you have received the diagnosis or the various energy diagnostics (DPE: energy performance diagnosis), which will also help you organize yourself.

In summary: living space and private

The Carrez law will determine a measuring area to be given to the buyer . This area of a house, apartment or premises will also unofficially determine the sale price of the property.

Under Boutin law, the living area will also unofficially determine the rent and the terms of the lease.

Attention: for renting a maid room under attic height less than 1.80 m, for example, the total floor area will necessarily be larger than the living area, which must be clearly stated in the rental announcement.

The importance of living space for calculating rent

The Carrez law can allow you to know the exact surface of the property you are going to rent. This is an important point allowing you to set the amount of rent, fairly for you and your tenant. This is even more important, if you have opted for a rental investment by Pinel law. Indeed, the amount of rent is regulated by this scheme.

So, you have to apply this formula: 0.7 19/S (S being the area of the dwelling) to know the rent you can apply. You should know that in addition to the Carrez area, you need to add half the area of the annexes, such as the balcony.

You the see the calculation can quickly become complex. So if you want to benefit from the advantageous Pinel device, as is the case in the city of Lille in particular, it is better to be accompanied by professionals in the sector. If you are looking for help, you can click on this link: You will be accompanied from the beginning of your project, until the end. In this way, you will be sure to meet all the criteria and do not forget about it.

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