Laying a wooden terrace on a concrete slab

The wooden terrace is a must in the garden. It naturally has its place outside and adapts well to other building materials. We explain how to lay a wooden terrace on a concrete slab!

How to make a wooden terrace on a concrete slab?

To put in place a wooden terrace, several possibilities are at your disposal:

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#1: the technique of the lambourdes

It consists in placing slats that are fixed on the concrete slab .

Slats are disconnected from the floor: strips can be used that can be sold from material suppliers. We do not have to put them everywhere: we can simply eliminate them under the attachment points .

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After the slats are installed, the wooden deck blades are put in place.

Comment: You will need to consider the thickness of the slats in your drawing plan ! This is important when you have constraints thick (pool borders, terrace…).

#2: stud techniques

It consists in placing the studs on the surface to be covered .

Studs serve as a support for the lambourdes.

They must have a “ margin ” in terms of height .

Comment: Generally, we use lambourdes directly placed instead. However, the technique of studs (for example, concrete) to install a wooden terrace in the garden .

You now have an overview of the installation… Before you get started , take note of these tips !

Quote terrace 🙂 3 tips for installing a wooden deck on a concrete slab

Here are three tips for successfully installing a wooden terrace on a concrete slab .

Tip 1: Check the condition of the tile

Is your paving degraded ?

If it is very degraded, you may need to demolish it !

If he has holes the size of a fist or tennis ball, it is always catching ..

Holes can accumulate water. They can also testify to a poorly constructed support: steels too close to the surface, insufficient thickness .

So, if the structure is affected… better to break than to endanger the structure.

Terrace Quote 🙂 Tip 2: Check the slope

When we make an outer slab, we give a slopeof the order of 1% to drain rainwater .

If the slope is not enough , you will irretrievably have an accumulation of water on the slab.

You can then compensate the surface with a regrinding mortar , although these are self-leveling…

In fact, make sure that the tile is “ at least flat ”, and there are no “ holes ” that can accumulate water.

Tip 3: Choose a suitable wood class!

Choose a class of wood that is suitable for outdoor use .

Exotic woods are often used forslats and blades , asthey hold very welloutside .

The only constraint is their cost, which is quite high .

Before building, do not hesitate to visit a material dealer, he can recommend woodsuitable for external use .

And if you do not feel building your wooden terrace on your own, you can apply fora business .

But what price does she make? Let’s see that in the next paragraph!

Quote terrace 🙂 What is the price to install a wooden deck on a concrete slab?

On the “ material ” side, prices vary from Single todouble depending onthe essence of the wood you choose.

On the “ work ” side you need to count a “ 20 groin of m2” per day. Knowing that a worker will cost you within 40-50 euros an hour.

Note that clip systems are often in demand because they do not see the screws … However, they are longer to lay…

Do you want to encrypt your site before selecting a craftsman ? Feel free to prepare a request for a quick quote and free ires. Ask for a quote!

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