Lacoste polo shirts: how to make the right choice?

Lacoste polo does not often prerogate when talking about clothing. However, this is a perfect compromise between the T-shirt and a shirt. Moreover, polo remains a classic of the men’s wardrobe for timelessness. It is well presentable with its collar and its shape offers comfort, elegance and of course makes it more practical. Today, know that Lacoste polo shirts have flooded the market and you must make a good choice to be always more stylish. Here’s how to choose your Lacoste polo shirt .

Knowing how to detect false

Making the right choice of your Lacoste polo shirt that you can put on your women’s jeans online will basically rely on detection of fake Lacoste polo shirts. As to your knowledge, real Lacoste always have a green crocodile with an open mouth. You have to look first to see this sign on the Lacoste polo shirt. Also, make sure that the crocodile is always on a white background with a shorter upper jaw than the lower jaw. By the way, the crocodile must necessarily be at the height of the heart and should not move inward.

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Also note that the seam threads of the logo should not in any case detach from the contour. In addition, when you turn the polo shirt over, its seams are almost invisible for a real Lacoste polo shirt. In addition, the washing label in the garment in the lower part must have washing instructions. Also you need to find print in 7 different languages “100% cotton”. The crocodile on the Lacoste polo has a tail that is curved above him in the direction of his gaze. Here, its claws and teeth have a visible green color. As for the buttons, be aware that they are always sewn vertically.

For a good choice, we will bet on the material

The material of the garment is also an essential element in his choice. For this purpose, you need to look for a beautiful dive. Here the weaving should be well even and tightly tightened. At the collar of the Lacoste polo shirt, you need to look for a little rigid and thick collar forming a beautiful curve that will come to rest on your shoulders. To see the strength of the collar, you need to pinch it and pull it jute a little. If there is no ripple forming, then your Lacoste polo shirt is the best.

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A choice that will match you

When you detect the real Lacoste polo as well as the right material, you must now turn to your morphology. If you are thin, you need to turn to the fitted Lacoste polo shirts that you will close the top button. This will bring out your elegance well, because your shoulders will be well emphasized. On the other hand, those who are strong, you need to turn to a sintered cut at the expense of a straight cut. By the way, if you have an average build, you are happier, because you will be in a real spoilt for choice. When you opt for the fitted cuts, your shoulders and middle will be enviable. Also, with a slim fit, you will always feel at ease with an incomparable elegance.

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