Is electronic cigarettes dangerous to health ?

Electronic cigarettes are certainly less harmful than conventional cigarettes, but it is not risk-free. The evidence, for the past few months, has been affected by an epidemic of pulmonary diseases allegedly related to vaping. Therefore, vapers may be reluctant to vaping in order to preserve their health in the short and long term. But, is electronic cigarette really dangerous to health? This article reveals everything.

What is the content of electronic cigarettes?

Vaping involves inhaling vapors created by heating a liquid at high temperature inside the electronic cigarette. This liquid consists mainly of propylene glycol, glycerol, flavors and mostly nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance also present in tobacco. She is able to affect the development of the brain before 25 years. Also, according to studies, nicotine can have a detrimental effect on the development of the brain of adults. However, note that nicotine content is limited to 0.20 mg/ml in France compared to 0.59 in the United States.

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However, note that vaped liquids do not contain many hazardous substances only when you smoke tobacco. In the latter case, you will find tar that is carcinogenic or carbon monoxide, which is a factor in cardiovascular disease. In addition, when it comes to vaped liquids, they contain fine particles that can penetrate your lungs. Here you will find many toxic substances such as metals, nickel and lead that come from the coil used to heat the liquid. Before you can confirm the long-term effects of these substances on the cells of the body, you would have to wait for several decades of studies. But, for now, remember already that electronic cigarettes can have effects on your health and also your offspring. From then on, get acquainted with it!

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The consequences of e-cigarette on the upper airways

When you inhale through the nose or throat the aerosol emitted by e-cigarettes, it will have adverse effects on your health. Among other things, you will be tamed by the dryness of the throat and mouth. In addition, you can feel a feeling of irritation or burning in the throat. Indeed, these sensations are initially related to the irritating character of nicotine. Secondly, they are due to the drying properties of propylene glycol and glycerol present in large quantities in e-liquids. In addition, in your back throat, it will cause a tingling named hit by vapers.

Effects of electronic cigarette on lung capacity and lungs

Electronic cigarettes not only experience failures, it is also successful. In this sense, several vapers have shown real benefits when using e-cigarettes. It is used to reduce cough, weaken sputum, return taste, improve breathing and respiratory capacity. However, you will only benefit from these benefits when you decide to reduce or stop smoking. Finally, the e-cigarette you are beneficial because, it allows you to keep the killer away.

The Impact of E-Cigarette on the Heart

When smoking tobacco, you will be exposed to increased cardiovascular risks such as infarction, atherosclerosis, etc. In addition, smoking lowers life expectancy by more than ten years. Note that the risk of infarction is threefold in men and six in women. However, when you vapour or look at nicotinic substitutes, these risks are significantly reduced. This is explained by the fact that with the electronic cigarette there is no burning . Indeed, carbon monoxide, which substitutes oxygen in the blood and gives a boost to the deposition of cholesterol on the wall of the arteries is absent. Finally, it would be better if you vaped than to continue smoking tobacco, because the effect on the heart with e-cigarette is much less than conventional cigarettes.

E-cigarettes in pregnancy and breastfeeding

When you smoke during pregnancy and during breastfeeding, this poses many risks for you the future mother and also for your child. So, whether you are absorbed into tobacco smoke or e-liquid vapors, be aware that nicotine will act on your nervous system and that of the fetus. Thus, your child will be a victim of developmental and behavioural disorders. The evidence is that tests have proven that embryonic cells are more sensitive to e-liquids than adult cells. In addition, the dose of e-liquid that reaches the embryo or fetus is ignored. But, know that the existence of toxic in liquids raises concerns that vaping will be toxic to your child. So, for pregnant women, it is strongly recommended that you stop smoking, at best to reduce and as a precaution to avoid toeat.

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