Improve muscle mass gain

To gain muscle mass quickly, there are several success factors, which go hand in hand with good attendance. Mass gain phase, dry phase: here we present you the best ways to improve your muscle mass gain as well as the optimal conditions that promote it.

Gain muscle mass: the obligatory passage!

For those who are a follower or regular of bodybuilding and bodybuilding rooms, muscle mass gain is systematically followed by a dry phase. The alternation of these phases helps to make your mass gain last efficiently and dry the body in such a way as to achieve satisfactory results in terms of aesthetics. The muscle is protruding and beautiful.

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But before this phase of dry, you all know, passing through mass gain is obliged. It is both a satisfaction and a constraint. This phase will be decisive for muscle mass gain depending on how you approach it.

When and how to make his mass gain?

To improve muscle mass gain, some simple but essential tips:

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  • Gain muscle mass between September and February . The body is indeed hidden under your clothes, which facilitates the task.
  • Follow a framed diet plan rich in protein, fiber, carbohydrates, good fats and calories.
  • Supplementing Vitamins for Better Assimilation
  • To supersede minerals and antioxidants (dietary supplements)
  • Intensively training: a well-followed bodybuilding training (basic exercises in series, repetitions) should also be adapted to your muscle mass gain
  • Too low or too large a dose of training adversely affects good mass gain, as well as irregularity
  • Follow the recovery phases and observe the progression of the muscle
  • Do not underestimate basic exercises for muscle mass gain
  • Do not hesitate to resort to quality dietary supplements (Vitargo type) to improve your mass gain.

Here are our simple tips for better muscle mass gain, which we will develop for you below.

A well-framed power plan

If the objective is indeed, muscle weight gain, diet will be closely related to this qualitative mass gain. Meals must absolutely be thought out from beginning to end with discipline and rigor. Regularity and your discipline will promote better muscle mass gain.

Eat 5 to 6 times a day : the body must indeed be able to understand what is playing. Muscle growth requires a high intake of protein, calories, carbohydrates, amino acids, fats and fiber… But not that! Consuming and eating will become your real strength for the growth of your muscles . Effective and quality products like Vitargo contribute to your peace of mind during the muscle mass gain phase.

The Importance of Sports and Weight Training

We were telling you, the basic exercises are… the base. Training after workout and week after week, your muscle mass gain is achieved thanks to your diet plan and your hard work in the room. In order to go to a quite decent volume of muscles, our tips are simple: rigor and patience .

An excellent recovery phase also contributes to a better mass gain. A coach can help you adapt your training to your mass gain wish. The number and regularity of sessions and series will significantly improve your mass gain. 4 workouts per week can be enough, with 3 days of recovery deserved. Good courage for your muscle mass gain phase!

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