Important features of a surveillance camera

There are some essential features that you should know before buying a surveillance camera. Whatever type of camera you choose, the criteria for choosing remain the same.

The main types of surveillance cameras

It is important to know the types of surveillance cameras existing on the market so that you can choose the one that is suitable for your local.

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Mini dome camera

This Camera type has a half-sphere design and is small in size. Easy to install and very discreet, you can place it indoors and outdoors without visitors seeing it. This type of camera is available in three versions, including the speed dome which is equipped with Zoom and remotely controllable. The infrared dome model is designed for night surveillance and the vandal anti-vandal camera is resistant to aggression.

IP Camera

The IP camera is the next generation video surveillance tool, like that of the brand Foscam. It is connectable with an Internet box via a cable. By connecting your mobile devices or PC to switches, you can remotely access IP camera images. It also stands out for its versatility, as you can use it for one-time monitoring, spying, and even as a webcam.

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The dome motorized

Can rotate 360° with very high quality images, this surveillance camera is intended for large areas such as a car park or a depot. It is fully autonomous, but you can still control it remotely or from your mobile.

The Spy Camera

This type of camera is very convenient with its motion and smoke detectors, if you want to be discreet while being safe. Of course, this surveillance camera has the necessary features for successful surveillance.

Technical characteristics to consider before buying a surveillance camera

In order to find out which IP camera or mini-dome camera to choose, here are the technical characteristics to consider:

Image quality: SD, HD, FHD, UHD

The objective is to have an image where you can recognize the face of a person even away, and even, at night. This makes sure your camera has a good resolution to make it easier for you while monitoring


Brightness is the basis of a high-quality image. A surveillance camera works with a minimum amount of light that is measured in lux. With a high brightness index, it can record good images over a great distance even during night surveillance.


The role of the lens is to determine the angle of view of the cameras. There are lenses of different sizes that fit the desired vision. In order to better frame the area to be monitored, it is better to opt for a large lens that is capable of having a narrow vision and a perfect zoom for the areas remote.

The CCD sensor

The CCD sensor ensures image quality. Working with a chipset, it pickup the light signal and translates it into a clear, crisp image.

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