Idea for a teenage room decoration

Your child has grown up and are you looking for ideas to remake her teen room? For girls or boys, it is important to redo the decoration from time to time. Your teenager will appreciate his room all the more, to play, work, and rest! Follow our top tips for decorating your teen’s room.

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  • Your teen’s room: an essential space
    • Optimize a space with taste
  • Aesthetics, design: the tastes of your teen Teen
  • room: which colors to choose?
  • Teen Room Wall Deco

Your teen’s room: an essential space

This is not a myth, over time, a teenager can spend more and more time in his room. But when it comes to moving from her room as a little boy or girl to a teen room, an effort is to be made at the level of decoration and storage.

Optimize a space with taste

The question of space is obviously central. Your teen will wantspace but will also needfunctionality . If you have only limited space, storage will be welcome.

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Good news, a child’s bed usually has storage. A teenager bed, if you change your bed, can also have efficient storage and design .

The teen room is a kind of cocoon that must reflect the personality of your teen. This is an age when you express ourselves and you need to find one’s identity. Nothing like a personalized decoration with tailor-made fittings.

Aesthetics, design: the tastes of your teen

It can be very nice to redo the decoration of the children’s room in a teen room asking for his main opinion interested (boy or girl)! If you have time, why not redo the teen room together with DIY deco sessions ?

Indeed, your teen must feel in his element in his new room. Deco of the wall, storage, layout of the space… Deco ideas are not lacking for a teen room but still need to match the tastes of your teen .

Teen room: which colors to choose?

It is assumed that your teen will keep his room for a few years. His room must be an ideal space for play, comfortable for rest, but also very studious if necessary.

To bring a studious ambience to a teen’s room, colors are usually sober . Everything will depend on your teen, of course. The design tends to go towards more sobriety and softness as the colors of a little girl’s or little boy’s room.

For the bed in the teen room : nothing like a single bed, on the mezzanine, or with storage boxes, to optimize the space. White wood, raw wood, bedding with bright colors… Everything is possible.

For the office space of the teen room : an e table, a designer chair, a lamp and the trick is done. The office corner is essential.

Comfort Corner /Zen : in the corner of the bedroom, a pouf or a Zen reading corner can be appreciable for a teenager. With cushions and a rug, we quickly make a comfortable place for friends or girlfriends.

Teen Room Wall Deco

For walls, teenagers like to display die posters, it’s well known! We all went through there and the wall is paramount. Cards, posters, posters, pictures, frames and holiday memories…

All this is part of the universe of a teenager, girl or boy. It is therefore important to give room to this individuality and style of your teen.

Feel free to change all the bedding, cushions, add a small sofa, curtains and even paint the walls. For this very particular age, a wind of freshness is needed!

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