Idea for a teenage room decoration

When it comes time to redecorate a children’s room and transform it into a teenage room, several criteria must be taken into account to create a pleasant and functional space. We start and give you some nice decoration tracks for your favorite teen’s room.

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  • Teen room: optimize the space
    • Deco tastes of your teen
  • Functional and practical fittings
    • Teen room decoration: colors and lighting
  • Girl or boy: the room is a small cocoon
    • A modern style and
  • contemporary

  • Bedding, curtains and decorative objects

Teen room: optimize space

Bringing the decorative touch that goes well in a teen room does not do everything. First of all, it is necessary to think about optimizing space. You have a small interior and you are limited in terms of space? No problem: today, solutions exist to redevelop and propose decoration that is both aesthetic and functional.

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Installing a wall shelf, for example, saves space. Feel free to install a loft bed above, with an office space underneath. The arrangement of the storage units will make a difference in your teen’s room.

The decorative tastes of your teen

Ask your child what their tastes are and make proposals that are in your budget. You can also find a bench type storage cabinet, with spacious chests . The bench serves as a sleeping corner and even a bed for your teenager.

Because a teenager’s room is his intimate space ultra-important for its development and confidence in he, plan not to redo all the decor without asking for his opinion . You will be surprised, sometimes the good ideas of interior decoration come from those who are most concerned!

Functional and practical arrangements

Conversely, the bookcase corner may well be a two-in-one, built above the bed. You can also opt for an electric lift bed . Glued to the ceiling, the bed no longer takes up space at all. This leaves an ultra-functional desk/ workspace corner.

A teenager has a higher workload than a primary child. He must have a work space that is beneficial to his schooling. While thinking “comfort decoration”, you can also find the right solutions for the bed to take up less space. Mezzanine, retractable bed … Retractable benches also allow free up a real workspace.

You can also opt for a “bed/drawer” block with staircase on the side. This teen bedroom model leaves the rest of the room free to put shelves, play space, etc.

Decoration teen room: colors and lighting

Lighting is paramount in a teenager’s room. We speak colors, light, good atmosphere and deco. If the room is dark, think carefully about the lighting you will put in your teen’s room. The decoration will only be highlighted.

If your teen’s room is rather bright, take advantage of this light source. Install the desktop not far from the source.

For colors, tapestry, paint, wall stickers or posters, ask your child what their preferences would be. Color is always welcome ! She brings joy and cheerfulness and contributes to everyone’s well-being. Because the adolescence period is full of discoveries, offer your teen to actively participate in the decoration of his room. This is also how we gain confidence!

Pink, blue, green, red, gray, orange, taupe… Everything is allowed to make the space pleasant . The decoration of the wall can be decorated with a painting. Your teen’s style should be reflected in the style of decorating his or her room.

Girl or boy: the room is a small cocoon

Yes, a teenager’s room is sometimes a place where you like to be good, alone, or spend time with friends and girlfriends. Make it a real cocoon and offer, if space permits, a relaxing corner with cushions for decoration but also for comfort.

Install a pouf, a rug… Your teenager will do the Transition gently between yesterday’s child and tomorrow’s teenager. Play is essential for a child, it’s not just work and studies (yes, it is sometimes forgotten!). A play corner and relaxing /cocooning for girls can be really a plus for decorating your teen’s room.

Modern and contemporary style

Girl or boy, your teen may want to radically change the style of decoration to tackle this new stage of personal and school life. Not all teenage room decorations have exorbitant prices. It is quite possible to remake a teen bedroom decoration with the means of the edge , incorporating modern and contemporary elements.

A table here, an armchair there and everything can change in the decor style of the teen room. Sometimes it is enough to highlight a beautiful bedroom teens without breaking the piggy bank and putting the price on it.

Bedding, curtains and decorative objects

Finally, remember to choose together with your teen all the little extra ones that will make her room a place where he or she likes to spend time. Bedding should match the style of your child , girl or boy. Curtains should, if possible, have colors that he likes.

Small decorative items such as lighting fixtures, posters, motivational stickers will also be a plus for your teenager. In a teen room, a beautiful quotation on the wall, in a painting or in stickers, can make its effect every day!

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