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HSBC Rates are often considered very high by the French, but are they really? As we will see in our article, it actually seems that not. If HSBC is not a cheap bank, it is also not a high-income bank.

Currently, HSBC offers 80€ for any account opening. (subject to conditions)

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Transaction Fees current and account management

First of all, you can find all HSBC tariffs for day-to-day operations and account management. They are in the average cost of traditional banks.

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You will also find all HSBC tariff conditions.

All rates are from 1 January 2020

Current Services 2019 HSBC Rates 2020 HSBC Rates
Account Keeping Fees 24€/year 28€/year (7€/quarter)
Internet subscription Free
SMS Alerts 25,20€/year Free
Loss or theft insurance of means of payment 24€/year 24€/year
Occasional SEPA Transfer Online: free In agency: 4€ Online: free In agency: 4€
Permanent SEPA Transfer In line: free In agency: 1.10€ Online: free In agency: 1,10€
SEPA Debit free
Issuing a bank cheque 11€ 11€
Sending a checkbook Free (excluding postal costs) Free (excluding postal costs)
Cheque Opposition Fee 13€ 13€

HSBC Credit Card Rates

HSBC credit card rates are slightly lower, with a classic credit card at €45 per year. On the other hand, withdrawals from one distributor from another bank pay only from the 5th, which is more advantageous than in most other banks.

However, HSBC has only 400 branches in France, so it can be difficult to find a nearby distributor, especially if the customer doesn’t live in town. It is therefore important to have several free withdrawals in HSBC rates.


Rate of HSBC credit cards
Visa Classic 45€/year 45€/year
Premier Visa 134€/year 134€/year
Infinite Visa 335€/year 335€/year
Electron Visa 35€/year 35€/year
1€ per withdrawal of the 5th withdrawal per month Withdrawal of the ATM of another bank 1€ per withdrawal of the 5th withdrawal per month
2.90% of the operation €3.05 Withdrawal of a distributor outside the euro area 2.90% of the transaction €3.05
Payment outside the euro area 2.90% of operation 2.90% of operation
Kode reissue 10.30€ per SMS 15.30€ per email 9€
Replacing the card before the due date 15€ 15€
Opposition Fees Free

Incident and payment irregularities costs

HSBC’s rates for incident charges are no higher than elsewhere, due to statutory capped rates such as intervention fees or inactive account charges. As for the overdraft rate, it remains correct but may be different depending on the customer. To find cheaper, you need to turn to online banks.

Authorized Rates

Irregularity Fees HSBC 2019 Rates HSBC 2020
Intervention costs 8€ per operation (ceiling of 80€ per month) 8€ per operation (ceiling of 80€ per month)
Newsletter before the rejection of a cheque 13€ 13€
Cheque Rejection for Insufficient Balance 30,00€ for cheque ≤ 50€ 50,00€ for cheque > 50 €30,00€ for cheque ≤ 50€ 50,00€ for cheque > 50€
Newsletter for accounts receivable not 20€ 20€
Rejection of transfer for insufficient balance Not Declared Not Declared
Rejection of debit for insufficient balance Amount of debit rejected up to 20€ Amount of debit rejected up to 20€
Inactive Account Fees 30€/year 30€/year
Allowed overdraft rate 7.40% 7 to 9.50% 7.40% 7 to 9.50%
Overdraft rate no authorized 17.30% 16.90%

HSBC Hexagon Rate, the Banking Pack

HSBC Hexagon is the banking package of the British bank. It includes a credit card, SMS alerts subscription, account maintenance fees, withdrawal fees at another bank’s ATM, credit card reissue fee, insurance against loss or theft of means of payment, and a checkout facility of up to €3,000 per month.

HSBC bank pack rates vary depending on the credit card:

  • Classic Visa: 8,35€/month, (100,20€/year )
  • Visa Premier Card: 14,70€/month, (176,40€/year )
  • Infinite Visa: 29,25€/month, (351€/year )

Remote Banking

Remote Banking includes all the dematerialized services that allow the customer to perform his daily operations or contact his bank. The following services are available:

  • Access to secure space on the Internet: free
  • Subscription to an SMS Alert Service: Free
  • HSBC My Bank Mobile App: Free
  • Contact HSBC by phone at 0 810 246 810: 0.09€ per call call price

Here, HSBC’s tariffs are relatively high. We will regret the overtaxed call…

Credit, savings and investments


For HSBC credit rates, we recommend that you contact the bank directly. Rates vary depending on the customer’s profile and project. HSBC offers both real estate and personal loans, as well as student loans.

To find the best rate, the solution can also be to turn to our simulator which queries agencies in real time to provide you with an answer:

Savings and Investments

In addition to regulated booklets, the British Bank makes several unregulated booklets available:

  • An account on a booklet paid at 0.20%
  • Booklet HSBC 2A, for those whose booklet A has reached its ceiling
  • A term account

HSBC also offers two wealth management solutions: HSBC Advance and HSBC Premier.

Finally, the bank offers several stock exchange and life insurance solutions. For more information, visit the HSBC website directly.

The HSBC Remote Agency

HSBC’s rates are the same within its remote agency. It is a dematerialized agency mainly aimed at clients who want total autonomy in the managing their account. They have access to exactly the same services as those who have subscribed to a physical agency.

In order to be able to access the agency remotely, it is necessary to transfer its accounts to it.

Our HSBC Tariff Review

Although HSBC rates are not the most competitive, they are still quite affordable compared to those of a traditional bank. On the other hand, they do not have the weight against online banks… They are able to offer free bank cards and no account maintenance fees.

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