How to wear wide trousers when you’re small?

true fashion-sphere must-have for a few seasons, the wide trousers A for women are available to whom better, from chic working-girl looks to casual outfits with ultra-fashionable street trends right now.

A little bit of history, we hear everywhere that it is a piece that goes better for the big… But that nenni!

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Joy and joy, your Good Girlfriends offer you some fashion tips to wear wide trousers when you are small.

Why choose loose pants when you’re small?

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First because it’s more than time to wear what you like, and then because l e pants wide can very well go to small women ! Despite the (too) many injunctions to prefer this or that when you have a morphology like this or like that, know that it is, most of the time, quite possible to find tips to wear the piece that makes you want, in this case the superb wide pants.

Apart from these #bodypositive and anti-fashion-diktats considerations, let us recall that wide trousers (palazzo, culottes, loose jeans and confreres) are ultra-trendy at this moment and that it would be a pity to deprive your wardrobe on the pretext that we think you’re too small to wear it well.

Choosing the right wide pants

As always, we start with the B.A.BA, because the right way to wear a fashion piece is above all to find the right one for yourself. Note that it is always better to opt for a high-waisted cut rather than a low waist if you are small , it will significantly lengthen your legs!

Then, and in the case of wide trousers, everything is a matter of length and material, and you are told everything.

What length to adopt?

If the big trend of the moment is wide cropped trousers (i.e. about midi length), this is really not your best option if you are small. It is better, indeed, to prefer a wide length ankle pants to a minimum, floor fire if you are comfortable with heels.

Then, depending on what you prefer and your body shape of course, choose your fit: palazzo trousers, flare jeans, loose suit pants… You have a lot of options this season.

On what matter wager?

In the range of materials you will be spoilt for choice. From corduroy to classic jeans, satin or pleated fabrics, there are many options in the world of loose-fitting trousers.

It is recommended that you make your choice based on your shape and style . Anyway, always bet on quality material!

If you have shapes, opt for flowing wide trousers that will refine your thighs and maximize the tapered look of the silhouette. Do not necessarily opt for black pants, but avoid bright prints (checkered, large dots, large flowers) that accentuate roundly.

Wear wide trousers well when you are small: a matter of associations

Small or not, you will wear the wide pants well if you associate it with matching pieces. All our tips to wear the wide trousers well if you are small .

What top with wide trousers?

For the top, you have two overall options in your dressing room: close to the body or oversized. It all depends on your style and your tastes, we like the combination of wide trousers — bodysuit and fluid trousers — boyfriend shirt . The main thing is that you feel comfortable!

We also recommend the cropped-top , which will go very well with high waist wide trousers. Do not hesitate to bet on tops with worked shoulders (blouse with shoulders, asymmetrical shoulders, balloon sleeves…), they will draw the eye to the upper body, which will have the effect of visually growing you. Feel free to add a chic blazer over your outfit!

What jacket Wear with loose pants when you’re little?

When it comes to jackets, it is necessary to be vigilant as to the chosen length. The ideal is to opt for a short jacket such as a denim jacket, a bomber jacket, a perfecto or a suit jacket that will lengthen your legs. We are wary of long parka-style jackets and coats, which fall at the calves or ankles and that really risk tamping your figure.

What shoes to bet on with wide trousers?

If you want to lengthen your figure, heels are your best allies. Whether you’re looking for stiletto heel pumps, wedge sandals or square heel ankle boots, everything will work with wide trousers if you’re small .

You can also try the shoes at platform, derbies for example, but this kind of a little massive shoe can really “lead” a look, be careful so!

For the flat team, we recommend to choose sneakers with XXL sole (which will grow a little in the way) such as dad shoes, moccasins or flat sandals in summer. We also crack on pointed toe mules, which, like their cousins, pointed toe pumps, greatly lengthen the legs, and are super trendy.

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