How to update your GPS?

Do you have a GPS and are wondering to what extent you can update the map system or the features of your device? A GPS update is not complicated by itself but has conditions and specificities depending on the device and brand of GPS you own. We explain everything in our article so that you can make the most of your GPS device and map.

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  • The GPS system: the essential update
    • GPS security and reliability
  • Updating a Tomtom GPS
  • Updating a Garmin GPS
  • Updating a Mio GPS
  • Updating a GPS Coyote GPS
  • Updating GPS Updating GPS Navignon
  • Peugeot GPS update

The GPS System: The Essential Update

When you have a GPS, no interest to have a state-of-the-art device if the card is not up to date and if the satellite connection is out of date. GPS is a navigation device that is very useful to many users on a daily basis. It allows you to spot on the road and follow a ride safely without having to ask yourself any questions.

However, if a GPS device does not receive its update regularly, the information it gives you may be incorrect. Whether it’s positioning, road conditions, or even the accuracy of the transmitted information, your GPS needs to receive it regularly to be reliable and operational .

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GPS Safety and Reliability

Updating your GPS is therefore essential to your safety and the proper functioning of the device and system. If a map offered by your GPS is not up to date, it can take you on a lane that no longer exists or whose direction of traffic has been changed.

Updating your GPS allows you to have quality information in terms of speed, time, location, weather and track status. Depending on the brand of your GPS, you should know that the update is not done in the same way.

We will therefore detail for you the process of updating your GPS, on Tomtom, Garmin, Coyote, Mio, Navignon and Peugeot, the GPS most used by drivers.

Updating a Tomtom GPS

A Tomtom GPS has been offering you all its map and navigation system for several years. To update your Tomtom GPS device, you must have access to the relevant platform. Tomtom GPS customers should first refer to Tomtom’s official website to request a free update of their GPS.

The free Tomtom GPS update supports basic device services and updates. This concerns in particular navigation. An update can of course pay off if you want more features, such as more accurate maps or options.

After purchasing a Tomtom GPS device, you should know that every customer benefits for a month a full update of navigation but also the options, all maps included. After this month, you have the option to purchase paid updates on a case-by-case basis, in addition to the free update to be made regularly.

Tomtom is a brand of GPS that recommends its users to accumulate the basic and free update, with paid updates, so to be sure to benefit from a quality GPS service . Real time, navigation… you have the assurance of a device that works well and is updated.

Download the new maps for your Tomtom GPS via Tomtom MyDrive Connect software. Once downloaded, this data can be copied to the SD card attached to the GPS. Once inserted, the SD card indicates the update to perform taking into account the recovered file.

Updating a Garmin GPS

nothing easier for your Garmin GPS update. It should be noted that Garmin’s GPS brand are among the best GPS brands in Europe. There ‘s The geolocation and navigation system are more than efficient. Garmin offers just like Tomtom a free update system and paid update.

Some cards are preloaded, while others are to be charged after purchasing the GPS device. When you purchase, you have a free 90 day update as a user. Garmin then implemented a lifetime update system (3 times a year) and paid updates on a case-by-case basis.

Garmin Express software allows you to download any map, depending on your need. As with all GPS, the file is a.img format file that must be deposited in your SD card (Garmin folder). The update file is then automatically detected by the GPS device on restart.

Updating a Mio GPS

If you are a user of Mio GPS, here is the steps to follow to update your device and navigation system. the Mio brand is one of the leaders in the market of GPS navigation.

With performance and quality at the rendezvous both in design, aesthetics and functionality, Mio GPS is a sought-after equipment. Mio allows voice recognition on its GPS as well as synchronization with other connected devices and Bluetooth technology.

Mio brand offers the update of its GPS 4 times a year by sending you notifications. Just like other GPS brands, Mio offers free updates and paid updates. Lifetime update is also available, it simply needs to be requested via the MioMore Desktop platform, which recognizes users with their product license.

You download the updates from the platform to an SD card which then goes into the GPS. The navigation device then automatically recognizes the file if you have positioned it correctly in a folder ‘Mio’ at the root of the map.

Updating a Coyote GPS

Are you a customer at Coyote GPS brand? Coyote is one of the first to have been on the market. Coyote GPS is known to be very powerful, especially on the alert system. With Coyote, it is well known, you can be warned of the presence of certain speed radars (risk zones, danger zones, etc.).

The update can be daily on Coyote. You choose to refresh the system or add a map, depending on your need. Available in paid and free versions, the Coyote update offers basic or more advanced services .

To do your Coyote GPS update, simply connect your GPS device to a computer (desktop computer). An update application must all first be recovered (see CoyotemapSupdater software). Once your GPS device is restarted, updates are taken into account.

The Navignon GPS update

Navignon is less known as a GPS brand but it provides just as many quality services. Navignon devices are part of the top of the range and have some very innovative features. Multimedia gallery, voice recognition, hands-free kit, Bluetooth…

Navigation maps are available in 2D and 3D, which is a beautiful evolution. Just like the other brands of GPS, Navignon has lined up and offers free and paid updates. You download the refresh file via the Navignon Fresh application.

The file is copied to an SD card and recognized when restarting the device. The Navignon app Fresh for desktop computer also offers updating by synchronizing with the GPS device.

Peugeot GPS update

For your Peugeot vehicle, have you chosen the GPS developed and marketed by Peugeot? How do I update your GPS if it is on your vehicle? Nothing simpler. Your dealer helps you and provides you with a CD or SD card . If you do not go to your dealer, you can retrieve the relevant file on the Internet via a dedicated platform.

The maps are updated in the same way as for other brands: just follow the instructions if you go through CD.

Many other brands of GPS exist and work in a pretty similar way to update your device, whether it’s on your vehicle or externally. Among these brands include Magellan, Becker, Snooper, Takara, Clarion , Danew and many others. GPS has become essential to good navigation.

Having a satellite navigation system goes hand in hand with the regular update: don’t forget to update your GPS devices as advised by the dealer. You thus benefit from a quality and efficient service . We personally recommend that you choose your GPS correctly to enjoy the best updates.

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