How to successfully decorate his wedding?

On D-Day, everything will have to be perfect! I don’t want to put pressure on you, a marriage is getting ready to a minimum. With or without a theme, with or without means, a wedding must leave a superb memory of the bride and groom and the day. Here are some ideas and ideas to successfully decorate your wedding.

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  • decoration: the choice of the room
  • Choosing your wedding decoration: tables and chairs
  • The decoration of the wedding table
    • Tablecloth, napkins, table runner
    • Small gifts on the wedding table
    • The most for your wedding decoration

Wedding decoration: the choice of the room

For your wedding table, decoration is paramount. Your wedding is a very special event that deserves to be held in a reception hall worthy of the name.

First of all, let’s start with the organization. The room should be accustomed to wedding receptions: a large room that can accommodate a classic or original table plan, while allowing guests to move appropriately around the tables.

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Choosing your wedding decoration: tables and chairs

Choosing the model of the wedding table is important. Round, square, rectangular, your choice of table shape will impact the ease of movement in the reception room. It is generally advisable to choose the round table . It is user-friendly, it facilitates movement and it admits any decoration.

The chairs also set the tone for your wedding table decoration. Choose them according to the style you want to give to your wedding table. Of course, a chair is always prettier without a cover , but the main concern is not to stain the chairs during the party and dinner.

Decoration of the wedding table

Decorating your wedding table will appeal to your creativity! From tablecloth to cutlery, to napkins, decoration, table runners, flowers, vases and small gifts for guests… Everything needs to be thought out, because when you leave certain details to chance, it can give an impression of letting go.

Tablecloth, napkins, table runner

White is the dominant color of any Western marriage. However, free to you not to choose white. Traditional, white is timeless and always trendy. To harmonize the tablecloth with napkins is important, in the choice of fabric in particular.

The table runner can quite be combined (in colors or in materials) with ribbons hung on the tablecloth. Made of colorful satin or refined fabric, feel free to Make discreet reminders of materials and colors . Fold napkins following original folding patterns, to be arranged in glasses or next to plates.

Small gifts on the wedding table

How to make each wedding table decoration unique? By customizing it! The first name of each guest is a classic to be affixed to small items to offer to your guests.

Do you have a wedding theme ? This is an opportunity to showcase it! Regardless of the theme (country, sailor, architecture, planes, cars, nature, culinary, references to your craft or passions…), it can be declined with small objects as a nod to the guests .

The most for your wedding decoration

Flowers are important because they bring life to your wedding table. For any wedding decor, flowers can of course represent a small budget, but this is nothing compared to the memory that this evening will represent for the bride and groom and their guests.

Feel free to choose flowers that will remind the wedding theme or will even be the bride’s favorite flowers!

Finally, do not forget the luminaires : Japanese balls and other lanterns will brighten up the living room.

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